Surprise, Surprise, we’re back on this week with a whole new episode of High School Love On, so let’s wipe away the tears and frustration of last week’s episode and carry on with this—what I can only describe as—explosive episode. If you’re still with us, join Taleena, Ekun and I as we discuss Episode 10 of High School Love On

Well ladies, we have a lot of ground to cover so, let’s begin with the most important discussion: Sunbae. Now we know that he was responsible for the flower pot--as if there was ever really a doubt--but he didn’t stop there! Is he simply angry at the loss of a beloved companion or a love interest?

Taleena: Here I had given up on the Sunbae love bus all together, but now? I just don’t know. it’s all so ambiguous. I am leaning towards a fatherly/older brotherly feeling from Sunbae.

Aunnie: I had half-convinced myself that the flower pot was all Cupid Angel’s doing in his attempt to push Seul Bi and Woo Hyun closer together but deep down, I knew it was Sunbae and I’d be a liar if I didn’t grip my computer screen, whispering loudly “Wae?” I got the feeling that Sunbae wasn’t so much “in” love with Seul Bi but as in he “loved” her as his companion/friend.

 Ekun: I was disappointed in Sunbae, but this was a question I asked a few episodes ago. Him displaying feelings like a Human being  . . . Feelings he is not “supposed” to have. Whether Sunbae is being an Oppa or wants to be Oppa, doesn't really matter to me. He misses Seul Bi; he is having a moment, and he is worried about his friend.

Taleena: Because Sunbae is so tightly buttoned (yum) we are not sure exactly what sort of motivation, filial or romantic, is prompting his actions.

 Aunnie: Haha, I've never understood the meaning of "a handsome forehead" until Sunbae lifted his bangs, I mean, it's a forehead, for Pete's sake!

Taleena; Keep dreaming about that forehead girlfriend, because the top collar button is mine.

 Ekun: Not going to lie . . .  his forehead was kind of hot.

Well, Sunbae’s going to have some competition, at least, if Sung Yeol has anything to say about it. He’s definitely abandoned his role as the back seat witness and is vying for the driver seat in this Four-Square Game of Love. Woo Hyun, not to be outdone, is upping his game, as well. His fainting days are in the past and he’s pulling out all the stops. What do you think of this new development?

Aunnie: I’m glad that the gloves are off between the two of them but I would be lying if I didn’t cringe as they made their declarations in the bathroom because clearly, Woo Hyun is going to win this little challenge. Which means we’re going to have to watch Sung Yeol fail just like every other SLS before him.

Ekun: You are really anti- Second Lead, aren’t you? I find it comical because I love them!

Aunnie: Oh, you have no idea . . . I have been since the day Kim Hyun Joong played Ji Hoo in Boys Over Flowers.

Taleena: Here I thought Woo Hyun was going to coast his way to first lead without a ton of work, but aw!, Sung Yeol is the little SLS who could. He keeps chugging up Heartbreak Hill saying, “I think I can.” He gave Seul Bi pause.

Aunnie: Yes!! I love it when this happens in dramas simply for the fact that it’s completely unrealistic to think that a female lead wouldn’t be swayed by an SLS at all--not even in the slightest? Puh-lease!!

Ekun: Right!? Sung Yeol is pretty Bomb, too! He may have an attitude, but he really is a thoughtful guy who is just annoyed. This kid is set out to break my heart in a million little pieces! I totally get him--he is really reaching out for someone to hold on to, I just wish it was not Seul Bi!

What will that mean for their blooming bromance? It was already established by Seul Bi that Woo Hyun and Sung Yeol were best friends, but can their friendship withstand the test of love? And, for that matter, how will Seul Bi handle being the center of this tug-of-war between the soon-to-be revealed step-brothers?

Taleena; I felt a great disturbance in the Force. As if a million fangirls cried out and then became silent.

Aunnie: At this point in their friendship, I sincerely hope not however, it’s a Kdrama, there’s gotta be some resentment that’ll come out of that. I mean, think about it from Woo Hyun’s perspective, she’s more of a mom to Sung Yeol than she is to Woo Hyun and when he makes the connection that she had to have recognized his grandma’s face--that’ll strain a blood relationship--no less a friendship.

Ekun: I am with you Aunnie, there is no way Woo Hyun won’t feel some kind of way about the whole situation. And because Sung Yeol is an extremely emotional kid, I am certain he will be upset and conflicted for his reasons as well. I am totally obsessed with Bromances! And Stepmom being Woo Hyun’s real mom is totally a "Yoko Ono Breaking up the band"!

 But enough of this tortured love business, let’s talk about the adjacent Game of Four-Square: Evil Edition going on in this drama. The Jae Suk-Young Eun-Ye Na-Chun Shik situation seems to progressing in a “1 step forward, 2 steps back” kind of way. Ye Na and Young Eun’s true faces were revealed to their respective crushes while Jae Suk finds a new victim--your thoughts? How about Chun Shik’s show of backbone--is it too little too late or can our resident bully victim be forgiven for his past transgressions?

 Taleena: It’s never too late for backbone. Thugs #1 & #2 are on the razor edge of getting out of the bullying game.

Aunnie: Pretty sure that punch scene is going to become significant in future episodes. I don’t get the feeling there is as tight bond between these three friends for us to have an awesome trio like we had in School 2013.

Taleena: Young Eun seems lined up for the redemption arc under the disappointed stare of Sung Yeol, the cuteness of her little sister, and the romantic influence of Woo Hyun’s gamer friend, Kang Ki Soo. He noticed her crying, proving he is the hero of his own side drama.

Aunnie: . I still think she’s a horrible person at the moment but that’s mostly because she decided to bully the person who has been--apparently--holding her up outside of school. Don’t get me wrong, you shouldn’t bully anyone, but if you’re going to do it . . . don’t bully the person with whom you depend on for your livelihood.

Ekun: True, but I was so pissed at Ye Na throwing it in her face! What kind of friend does that. I help my friends because I love and care for them, not because I want them to be my one woman mafia at my beck and call . . . I am really proud of Chun Shik and I will be very happy once Jae Suk’s “friends” roll on him . . . Then he will really understand what it is to be alone and get his life together. Or maybe not--and he will end up in prison somewhere . . . the realist leaking out of me again.

Aunnie: That's kind of how it ended for the bully in School 2013 . . . 

Aside from the fact that Mr.Forever Lonely is still sulking, doing God knows what, were you surprised to see Ms. Playing-Hard-To-Get-Nurse was also MIA this week? Or did you breathe a sigh of relief? Do you think Mr. Divorcee is looking a little lonely in his role as teacher? 

 Taleena: I predict more teachers, including Mr. Lonely, as the bullying cliques begin to break up next week.

 Aunnie: I hope so, don’t get me wrong, I think Mr. Divorcee is holding his own in the last two episodes and Ms. P-H-T-G-N can just . . . disappear and allow Yoon Fabien to take her place. I could stand to see him once a week.

Taleena: We will see the faculty when Mom’s secret gets out because Seul Bi just can’t keep a secret.

Aunnie: She is named after a Soju Bottle, I mean, everyone knows secrets get spilled whenever alcohol is involved.

Ekun: I, for one, will be glad when the teachers make a comeback because these kids are depressing me!

 That's all we have for you guys this week and can we just take a second to make a wish to the Kdrama Gods that next week will progress as planned. What did you guys think? Who do you want to win this particular battle of hearts--Woo Hyun or Sung Yeol? Now that we've seen a quick glimpse into Young Eun's past, do you think there is any redemption for her? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to share this with your other Kdrama friends on Facebook. See you all next week!

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