It's Week 2, Cellers and we're that much closer to bringing our loveless Dae Choong and old-school Hallyu star Seo Rin closer together and therefore defeating the evil apoptosis of our Nabi. Join Jazmine, Gina and I as we discuss what items were used this week, our favorite cat-made-human and, of course, our two lovebirds on Love Cells. Let's take it away!

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Aunnie: Obviously we have to talk about the budding relationship between Dae Choong and Seo Rin. They seem to fit P-R-E-TTY well with each other. Even to go so far as to saying they are perfect for each other. Well . . . almost perfect. She’s an idol and he’s not really anybody. What do you think of them so far?

Jazmine: I think they’re cute . . .

Aunnie: Me too!

Jazmine: . . . but as far as a long-term relationship, I just don’t see them lasting that long. There’s like zero chemistry there for me. Their interactions are cute but that’s about it.

Gina: They are super cute! The only thing that is bugging me a little bit is that Seo Rin is falling for Dae Choong mostly because of all of those crazy items.

Jazmine: I agree with you Gina, it is bothering me a bit that Seo Rin only likes Dae Choong because of the items he’s using. Their chemistry might be better if he was getting her with his own merit and skills.

Aunnie: I can completely understand that. It's true to a certain point but holy crap some of those items are funny and the infommercials even more so . . . in a painfully awkward sense.

Gina: My favorite commercial was for the Cuckoo Gum. Joon Park had me laughing so hard when he was saying all those “smooth” lines

Aunnie: Same here, I think the informmerical of the gum was my favorite. I was cracking as he breathed out and the animated bird hit the screen. Although I'm not going to lie, the effects of the "Copy" Jelly Bean was my favorite moment.

Jazmine: I loveeed the “Copy” Jelly Bean, but the Cuckoo Gum was a close second! Joon always has be laughing (especially on Roommate) so seeing him on these funny infomercials is great! 

Aunnie: Yeah, the even though I was laughing during the dinner-piano-fiasco, I still kind of felt bad for the SLS, Ji Woon. He was totally winning her over until Dae Choong messed it all up. He seemed pretty upset, too. Did you guys feel bad for him, at all? He seemed to be such a nice guy back before debuting

Gina: I don’t hate Ji Woon. In fact, I pretty much like him. If he would just go back to being the nice adorable guy that we see in the flashbacks, he’d be perfect!

Jazmine: I don’t hate Ji Woon either. I also feel like he cares for Seo Rin, but just goes about showing it the wrong way. 

Gina: I think he really does care about Seo Rin in his own way.

Aunnie: Same here, I think that's the reason why I felt so bad for him. He wants to stay apart from the rough beginning he had--and hers as well, by default--that he can't quite grasp that idea that she preferred the simplicity of the past versus the minefield that is the present. 

Jazmine: I think because his and Seo Rin’s status has changed from just a normal everyday person to celebrities he think that everything has to be fancier. He’s misunderstanding what Seo Rin wants and that’s just chicken feet and soju. He’s thinking too hard about their relationship. 

Aunnie: Exactly! Exactly, which is unfortunate really because they seemed to be really close and supporting of each other. Speaking of people supporting each other, how about Dae Choong and Nabi's alliance? They seem to make a pretty good team together.

Gina: Right now for me, Dae Choong and Nabi are simply great friends! In the beginning I thought they might end up having feelings for each other, but now I'm not so sure! I love their relationship though; it's very natural and comfortable.

Jazmine: I think Dae Choong and Nabi's friendship is really good! I used to ship them but I think the show will lose some of its charm if they get together. I kinda want Nebi to have some sort of love interest but because that's not her "role" kind of, I'm content where she is

Aunnie: Yeah, I'm beginning to think that weird vibe I got between Dae Choong and Nabi was just a weird coincidence. *Please Kdrama Gods* So, I'm hoping that there will be no . . . confusion . . . later. It's about time we wrap this up, so . . .what was your favorite scene in this week's episodes?

Gina: Gina: I thought the funniest part was when Ji Woon’s manager got hit on the head with the giant water bottle. It was so random and funny!

Jazmine: Okay so I have two favorite parts. One, when Dae Choong ate the “Copy” Jelly Bean and started playing around as Ji Woon. I thought it was hilarious. I didn’t understand why Seo Rin was so upset. I would have just thought it was weird and laughed it off . . . but that’s just me.

Aunnie: So was I--confused, I mean. I didn't quite understand why she thought that was so offensive but I found it hysterical. I would probably have liked someone more if they'd done that to "impress" me. I actually thought it it would backfire on Dae Choong at first because she looked like she was into it. 

Jazmine: My second fave part is shortly after when Dae Choon and Seo Rin are spending time together. I thought it was cute and endearing to see them hanging out together, despite the mini-scandal afterwards!

Gina: I also really enjoyed the “Trouble Maker” scenes; they were so cute!

Jazmine: Yes! trouble maker scenes were awesome!

Aunnie: Being a big Troublemaker fan myself, I couldn't help but get really into the music in that scene. But yeah, I think I gotta go with the karate chops found in Episode 6 and 7. Those were random and especially the last one between Nabi and Seo Rin and the fact that Nabi high-fived Dae Choong afterwards was priceless! Especially since he looked so clueless! (refers to gif above^^^)

That about sums up this week of Love Cell. For a short miniseries, it can pack quite a lot into only a few minutes. What has been your favorite part thus far? Do you think Dae Choong and Seo Rin are good for each other or do you prefer to the SLS, Ji Woon? Let us know in the comments and we'll see you back next week with more of Love Cells! 

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