InK13-9 I have a lot of mixed thoughts on this episode, and I’m not even sure which angle I should be happy about or irritated by. So I’m going with the positive outlook and pretend like I enjoyed everything (well- most everything). InK13-7 We’re thirteen episodes in, with the end in sight.  We get a lot of plot this week as Naoki learns the ropes working as acting president at his dad’s company, and as much as I’m not a huge fan of this particular plot point, it’s not like we didn’t know it was coming.  I’m actually even a fan of plots that take a realistic look at life and cause characters to set aside their dreams.  Not every person in life ends up following their dream, and sometimes those little detours end up becoming set career paths you never anticipate. It’s heartbreaking yes, especially when you look at it not only from Naoki’s perspective, but from Kotoko’s as well – but I can stand behind Naoki’s desire to keep the company afloat.  Noble sacrifice, maybe?  A whole family’s livelihood is at stake.  If Naoki can deal with this, I can deal. InK13-1 On the home front, nothing much happens.  Well, except Kotoko trying to kill her charges – either by strangling Naoki or feeding them all taro roots. InK13-3 Award for the best sound effect:  *crunch* “What was that sound?” * pause. *crunch* Fortunately, Kotoko’s hard work all these years living with the Irie family is starting pay off.  Her cooking skills may not be anywhere near good, but at least they seem to be getting ever more edible.  I even choked when Yuki gave a little acknowledgement of her efforts.  Kid actually complimented her! Guardedly, but – it happened! InK13-10 As for the iffy side to this episode – I can’t help but be slightly disappointed in the lack of character development, backwards or just plain stagnant development from everyone other than Naoki.  After a series of emotional episodes, I’m starting to notice that Mischievous Kiss’s comic moments are incompatible with forward moving plot. InK13-2 Take Kin-chan’s role as our primary example.  He started out being the main source of comedy, which made it especially shocking (and cool!) when he steps up to become a major source of wisdom and good thinking.   Yet here he is again suddenly acting clueless from Jinko and Satomi’s taunts.  Huh? Kin-chan? Which character are you going to be this week? Next week? InK13-13 How about Kotoko’s ever cute stalking habits that she persists in doing despite the fact that Naoki has never once failed to spot her? I’m not sure why I complain though, because it still makes me laugh out loud knowing that of course, Naoki will casually walk by in just a moment and say something snarky. Hey – I like it when a show keeps some consistency in the small things. Even Yuko was consistently dumb and persistent this episode.  Because you know what I would do if a man rejected me to my face?  I’d instantly put my head on his shoulder and then try to kiss him.  Sneak attack!  Doesn’t it always work? Wait, it doesn’t? InK13-18 Ten bucks says Kotoko thought it might work. Then again, we all know where Naoki’s heart really lies.   Shocking or not, I thought it was very fitting for Naoki to say it so straight – or wait, was it not subtle – or was it to the point – or was he just beating around the bush?  His answer to Yuko’s prodding question, just who would he think about kissing?  He doesn’t exactly say, “I think about kissing Kotoko every day for the rest of our lives,” but…  “I have kissed Kotoko.”  Doh! *dead* What a lovely not-a-confession.  Since we can assume he knows Kotoko is listening in. InK13-23 A better confession is that he doesn’t resist his second onslaught of skinship for the night, but warmly allows Kotoko to hang on his neck as they commiserate about the near future. Oh drama, just why must be throw in yet another girl?  When it’s so perfect that you like thinking about kissing one girl already?? Readers, what do you think? Does this episode pull off enough of the romantic to make it worth the plot inefficiencies and upcoming *counts* third rival girl? InK13-8   Read more from the Mischievous Kiss Drama Club:  Stalk the Drama Club on their blogs: