Ah, the Hallyu Wave. At this point, we can’t deny how big it’s gotten and how it has spread to all corners of the world. From our favorite K-pop stars to K-dramas have been caught on this wave, and our Roommates are no exception.

Lore: The roomies were really amazed at how well known Korean television and music is in Taiwan, which is funny given what they thought might happen at the airport versus what did (the number of fans I think was smaller than they expected)!

Rosie: I admit I was really scared no one would show up, and I couldn’t bear the thought of Se Ho looking disappointed. But SNS works well enough, even with a couple hours notice. Lucky people who can just hop over to airports whenever they feel like it.

Qisti: Same here. For a while I thought nobody was going to show up. I’m glad they took the time to greet the handful amount of fans that came. I loved how Soo Hyun asked for help right away, so smart!

SN: Now I’m going to have follow Se Ho Instagram, lol.

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Rosie: I loved the Japanese team though arriving in Osaka. All of Sung Woo’s fans! They were precious!

Qisti: I didn’t think he would have any fans in Japan. Guess I was completely proven wrong about that. But then I guess I should have known after his call to the fan Ahjumma, who he knew personally.

Rosie: Yeah, how cool is that. Fans become friends. I guess that happens with the less crazier fandoms. I’m jealous!

Lore: That taxi driver gave me life! I loved how Soo Hyun thought he needed the address written down but he actually wanted an autograph! And when he called his daughter so she could talk to Se Ho, it was too cute.

Rosie: So do we all. Sadly, my dad doesn’t drive a taxi and pick up famous people!

Qisti: Hey, if any famous people have any computer problems, my dad can help them then! But then again they can probably just buy a new one -_- ...

How nice (random and lucky) was that one lady who helped them to the police station when Se Ho lost his phone? She said she was their fan but helped them before getting a photo. Even when she asked for a picture, she was really polite and added if the situation was okay.

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Lore: Korean dramas are really popular in a lot of places, including Taiwan. I visited Taiwan last year and made a couple of friends over our mutual love of dramas (and can attest to how popular they are there, or at least popular among those I talked to / the places I went)! It is amazing when you consider how effectively Korean pop culture has been exported to certain locations (like Taiwan).

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Rosie: I’m always amazed about how certain aspects of Korean entertainment permeate other cultures - that legendary Hallyu wave, which may or may not be decreasing over the years. I was a little proud though to see the Roommates themselves getting to experience, having random strangers recognize them, even if it was just Se Ho trying to hype his connections. Hey, at least he gets of the glory too!

Qisti: Me too! It was really cool to see that people recognized them, even the show is still relatively new. I think though if they had visited other countries in Asia, they would have received similar receptions. Here in Indonesia, if you have the cable channels, one channel airs Roommate Indonesian subbed (albeit, they are a few episodes behind).

Rosie: Long live Korean-ent!

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I’m sure I wasn’t alone in noting how appreciative Koreans still are of their own nation and nationality, as was brought in by the champion fighter Hong Chang Soo and his mention of One Korea.

Qisti: Yeah, that was cool and super inspiring!

Let us know how big the Hallyu Wave is where you live!

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