Childhood lovers, tattoos, lies, and ideals fill episode 2 of The King’s Face. Prince Gwanghae finds himself stuck in the middle of a triangle that will see his brother blamed for treason and the girl he loves potentially in the bed of a King. Which King will it be? That is the question. Join Firnlambe, Aunnie, Taleena, and me, Wendilynn, as we try to keep up with all the political shenanigans. 

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Taleena: Well Hot Lips didn’t last too long fooling anyone with her drag did she? I have a bad feeling this is going to be much more tragic than happy, if the sad piano music is any indication.

Firnlambe: Im actually really glad they got the whole gender-bender issue out of the way by the second episode.  It leaves them more room to work on important plot points. 

Aunnie: Agreed, Firnlambe. It kind of escapes the trap that "My Lovable Girl" fell into by prolonging the inevitable.

Wendilynn: No kidding. There is one thing I hate about this time period. Truth meant jack. As long as a royal or someone of high enough station says you’re guilty, then torture and death we go. Doesn’t matter if its true or not.


Taleena: This show does seem to have A LOT of affection for making people spit up blood. Sheesh. First the plague victims, then torture victims, then thems that die of “suicide” by a million spear thrusts and falling down those convenient elevator shafts...

Wendilynn: LOL!! Those elevator shafts were sneaky in those days.

Firnlambe: I can't decide if I'm impressed by the fact that they have this much blood on air or not . . .

Taleena: I can’t decide if that minister is acting on his own or King Gu Family Book is “Who will rid me of this troublesome soldier?” He seems genuinely perplexed but then he mentions discreet “pruning” and I doubt he’s talking about wrinkly fingers from sitting in a hot tub too long.

Wendilynn: That’s a good question, I’m not sure what axe Mr Poet had to grind, but he sure did it enthusiastically. And since nobody wants the Hot Head as crown prince, he was a natural scapegoat to cover the killing of a loyal vassal.

Firnlambe: I got the distinct impression that, because Prince M.S genuinely apologized on behalf of his rage induced brother, he was put into Mr. Poet's good graces

Aunnie: If we're discussing things that we are "wondering" about, then let me be the one to admit that I'm trying reconcile what I know of Prince Gwanghae, Prince Imhae, and the rest of the cast with what I have seen in previous dramas. These first two dramas had so much back story, current story and character story arcs that I'm honestly a little overwhelmed by them. 

Wendilynn: Don't try to connect what you see here to past dramas.  Its confusing enough as it is.


Taleena: Poor Prince Beefcake! This is what happens when you are a drunken idiot and the sharks smell blood in the water.. The sad thing is, the Not So Secret Society hadn’t chosen a king to rally around. Honestly, it was ‘secret’ but they knew just who to round up there at the end?

Firnlambe:  I'm going with Joseon black magic . . .

Aunnie: It's always Joseon black magic . . . 

Wendilynn: The Daehan Society was a public group from what I gathered.

Taleena: Then why does Prince Master’s Sun not know anything about it?

Firnlambe: He's just a pretty face at this point in the story . . . Who just happens to kick some serious ass when the need arises. It's understandable that he's a bit slow lol

Wendilynn: What he didn’t know was who the tattoo belonged to.

Aunnie: I'm not sure anyone is sure of what they know so far . . .


Taleena: OK. HOLD UP! Why get a secret society tattoo if your secret society is in the open? If it is a secret secret society within the first getting the tattoo, why have the same goals?

Aunnie: What I want to know is how they knew that guy had the tattoo on his leg rather than his arm. They just going to strip search everyone that is suspicious? 

Wendilynn: Your guess is as good as mine. I expect that once they decided to kill Jung Yeo Rib they just rounded up anyone who was connected openly with him.

Taleena: Must be because it looked cool. Plus, they had the whole tea revealing ink stuff . . Which, huh?, I missed that in the invisible ink workshop.

Firnlambe: No, see . . . I keep telling you guys . . . It's black magic.  


Wendilynn: Don’t you know the secrets of lemon juice? Come on Taleena, you’re the one with the big book of theories. lol

Taleena: Sure lemon juice, but tea? As for Dashing Pirate Killer (as opposed to pyrite killer), that was hard core as he shrugged off his blood stained mantle to hand to our favorite #2.

Firnlambe: I'm sorry, but favorite #2 was extremely foolish . . . You should never try breaking into a royal library without senior approval.

Aunnie: Yeah, I'm not gonna lie. My first reaction to seeing Shin Sung Rok in this drama was excitement but then he admitting to doing something so foolish and call I could think was "Oh no . . . one of those characters." Let's hope he doesn't turn out to be the impulsive SLS that causes trouble for everyone. 


Wendilynn: Jung Yeo Rip took on 3 pirate ships, he can handle a slice to his back so he can hand the reins over to our favorite psychopath who got him killed in the first place by being impatient.

Taleena: We will not be able to call him Psycho for much longer. he is going to be our main “freedom!” guy outside of Minister Dad.

Firnlambe: I'm glad too . . . He's great as a bad guy but i prefer him being good.

Aunnie: Nope. I want him to be bad. The man does bad very well. Almost as good as Woo Bin. (Plus, bad means no SLS)

Wendilynn: Isn’t it weird? We’ve grown up with these equality ideas but they were truly revolutionary back in those days. For us its like, yeah, and the big deal is what?

Taleena: Sadly, for too many they are still revolutionary ideas. I must say I like how Prince Master’s Sun and his toady, uh servant, interact. I like that he said not to blow her secret in because she must have a secret for dressing like a man.


Wendilynn: His instant trust of her was nice to see.

Firnlambe: Agreed. That was extremely sweet. 

Taleena: We have a Stumble Hug (trademark) already. Is a Stumble Kiss (trademark) that far off? Plus, the Drunken Slumber!

Wendilynn: I see her as being a little more straight forward. She’s been playing a man since she was what…..10? I hope they don’t wimp her out once she puts a skirt on.

Aunnie: As confused as I was by these first two episodes, I am pleasantly surprised by the similarities in Prince Gwanghae's personality compared to the other portrayals of Gwanghae I've seen. One example would be Goddess of Fire.


Taleena: As soon as the skirt goes on, I predict a bosom shake and “Oppa!”. lol Not really, but sometimes it happens and you are “weh?"

Firnlambe: Yeah, I usually take the "Andwae!!" Route myself. 

Wendilynn: It seems they are uncertain exactly how they want their girls to be, doesn’t it?

Taleena: Yoon Hee was not that way in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. She was pretty boss and never reverted the “oppa” whine. *sidetracking to look a Joong Ki and Yoo Chun*

Aunnie: Then I'll take Yoo Ah In for myself. *sighs over his handsomeness*

Wendilynn: Yes, but she is not the norm. I just hope they let our girl be awesome. She’s going to need it considering she’s a “perfect match” for two different men. I’m already dealing with a Father/Son love triangle in Mr. Baek, I don’t need one here too. lol

Firnlambe: Are you sure?? I think you secretly enjoy those situations and you've just chosen to hide the truth from us lol

Wendilynn:  Well.....  *chuckles*


Taleena: Side note- how is it that one of the tags for DramaFever is “love triangle”? Isn’t that every? K Drama?

Wendilynn: Hey, sometimes, there are love squares too. lol

Taleena: I believe the official term is Love Rhombus - it sounds so much naughtier....

Firnlambe: You totally beat me to that reference lol

Wendilynn and Aunnie: *starts laughing*

Prince Master’s Sun has made his decision and it looks like love is going to win…. for now. In this time of political unrest, will his resolve stick or will he have to bow to the whims of face? What did you think of these first two episodes, tell us in the comments below.

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