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Tiara: We finally have a confirmed number of episodes. How do you feel about The Night Watchman Journal ending at 24 episodes?

Unnichan: Lol. I always knew it was a possibility but now with the confirmation… let's not speak about that. I think we're all safer that way. However, I do have to say, what won't this show do in the next two weeks?

Tiara: Ha-ha!!! Vampires haven’t shown up so far. I wouldn’t put it past the drama to add them at some stage in the next weeks. Just think guyliner vampires who are under the control of Sadam. Or it could be zombies? But I think we already have those with Ki San, the Prime Minister, and his army of ghosts.

Unnichan: Yea, I’m thinking zombies are covered. But vamps are a good idea. I mean, why not at this point?! But getting back to zombies, Prime Minister has finally sacrificed his soul to the dark side and it’s been a hoot watching him demolish everything in sight (and I don’t mean that in a good way).

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Tiara: I agree, seeing the Prime Minister’s greed do him in was kind of fascinating to watch. Instead of seeing him talk the big talk, it’s a nice change to see him be the evil villain we’ve been waiting for. He finally took action versus threatening and sitting around. Yes, Sadam controlling part of him, but the Prime Minister is allowing him to assume the command. I really enjoyed episode 20 surprisily enough.

Unnichan: It’s true. I also think having the other promised super power finally emerge was satisfying. I liked having Sadam’s sadistic monopoly visually take a backseat. And Prime Minister finally acted in a time that needed some real movement because Queen Dowager covering up Ki San’s mass murders, just wasn’t doing it for me. I find that this drama decided to pull out several things this week that weren’t laid properly from the beginning. Like Yeon Ha’s “promise” and Ki San’s personality issues. However, it was made clear that his sinister self, isn’t the dominant of the two and may be, in fact, the most fragile. And though, I wasn’t surprised by this development, it was disappointing. ‘Cause by god, I wanted Ki San to be crazy and diabolical and doing all kinds of Cabinet damage, once this “side” took over.

Tiara: I’m with you on being saddened by the lack of sinfulness the second Ki San has shown. Ki San is a very unsatisfactory character the longer the drama continues. I did wonder on the comment he made to Rin about him protecting his brother. We know the Prime Minister had him tell his father lies, but was he threaten by him? There has to be a reason why Ki San made a split personality. What was the trauma which caused his mental disorder? Is there more to the story on why the Queen Dowager ordered the King and Queen to be killed? What is it she is protecting? Or am I thinking too deep?

Unnichan: That is a point of contention for me because it feels like a last ditch effort to create a redemption rabbit hole for Ki San. Ultimately, he was always a sympathetic character regardless of his reasons, even if I can’t give him a pass. Before all of this, he was in a situation that made him someone you wanted to care for, but once he chose to deceive, all that went downhill. And I don’t think Show can ever get me to care, let alone believe, he’s ever made any choice to protect Rin. He was always an angry, jealous kid and though there was warrant for these emotions, there’s never any justification for his actions. Much like the Queen Dowager or the things we learned about Yeon Ha.

Tiara: It does seem like the drama is trying to give sympathy towards Ki San and the Queen Dowager. I’ve would’ve liked if Ki San was just an evil little boy from what was presented at the start. It’s pointless to try to make the King the Antihero at this late in the game. I mean he threw Moo Seok under the bus. The single servant who was loyal to him to a fault got the thrashing of a life. When Moo Seok wakes up, he will fully become one of Rin’s people and a true member of the Night Watchman. Why protect a King who will wipe out his servants to protect his own hide?

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Unnichan: That was perhaps the largest tragedy this week (beyond me losing my favorite character arc). Moo Seok is someone that has always wanted to do his best for Ki San because of his loyalty, honor and devotion, even with his mental disintegration. I personally would have decided to put the Kingdom ahead of Ki San long ago and especially after I joined the Night Watchmen. But after watching him slash his guards and lady’s maids? Moo Seok must believe there is something good within Ki San, based on their past friendship and I think Show desires for us to just take his perception for it.

Tiara: I don’t think Moo Seok sees good in Ki San, but he believes it is his duty to help guide the King in leading his people. At least this is what he has stated in earlier episodes. He did eventually pick a side in the political game. He merely picked the wrong side to fight for. I trust this is an eye opening experience for Moo Seok. He better wake up with the ability to see ghosts and what is means being a Night Watchman. He may be a servant to the king, but he took vows as a Night Watchman. As for Ki San, I hope thinking he had Moo Seok murder will haunt him.

Unnichan: Perhaps, but if he’s anything like his cousin, I won’t hold my breath.

Tiara: Oh Soo Ryun. I had hoped she was going to use her new money and “power” to go against her father. There is yet time for her to give the Prime Minister hell. It was interesting to find out who Soo Ryun reminded Sadam of. Did you find Yeon Ha asking for the King’s heart unbelievable?

Unnichan: Oh yea. I always thought he was referring to Yeon Ha, we just didn’t have any evidence of that fact. Ugh! What a wasted opportunity! I don’t think they could’ve given us anything more anti-climatic… For it would’ve made for better storytelling, to know or have seen something substantial between Hae Jong and Yeon Ha, before the whole flower hunt. All I remember was being confused as to whether she was after Hae Jong or under a spell. We believed it was all (if not mostly) her, but we weren’t certain, now we know. She fell in love and was willing to sell herself to get him. As for Soo Ryun, she continues to annoy because she seems to believe she has some type of power she does not possess, whether it’s with Do Ha, her father or her flimsy agreement with Sadam. She can’t wield anything, nor can she control anyone. And I’m at my wits end with her adamance regarding Rin, because it makes zero sense now.

Tiara: I’m right there with you on the drama not making it clear Yeon Ha had a crazy girl crush on the King. If the drama did a better job with the opening, I might have brought Yeon Ha being the catalyst which started this mess. Now with Soo Ryun, she simply reminds me of a Saesang fan. She stalks her “prince” and has delusions of marriage with him too. I’ve been done with her since she didn’t become revengeful after her time in prison. She missed her opportunity to contribute to the story. Now, she’s an irritating fly.  

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