Prelude to a Christmas party on this week's episode of Roommate! Special guests include JYP, JYP, and a little more *whispers it* JYP.

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Lore: The roomies are all gathered together and Jong Ok brings up something they had spoken of in the past – putting on a show/dinner for their close friends and family. The roomies agree that there is no better time than the present to throw a shindig – because now it can be a Christmas shindig. Yay for holiday cheer!

Seho asks the group who they want to invite and Jackson is quick to say he wants to invite his group mates over. Young Ji is adorable with her reaction to the suggestion, entering fan girl mode with the shouting and the clapping and all of the cute.

Seho takes Jackson’s idea one step further and suggests that they invite the CEO of JYP Entertainment-as in JYP (Park Jin Young) himself. Jackson has a mini panic attack at the suggestion – assuring everyone there is no way his boss would show up for their family concert. Seho is undeterred and reveals he has JYP’s phone number – which he promptly uses to text the big man himself. But never fear, because the roomies have now decided they don’t just want JYP over as a guest, they want him to produce the event. Well that escalated quickly.

Next we catch up with Jackson (who is clearly nervous) and Seho as they drop by JYP Entertainment to convince Park Jin Young to produce their Christmas party. Jackson refers to his boss as Hyung (which I guess I was a bit surprised at) and hangs all over him (which I was really surprised at).

Jackson explains that JYP is one of the nicest guys he knows but he is scary in the studio — in the last year he has sent Jackson home twice because he was not performing up to par. Yikes! They also get JYP to admit that he treats his female artists differently (“I am tough with the boys but I just can’t be like that with the girls”). Okay then.

Seho asks JYP to produce the party and then questions him about how busy he could really be around the holidays (“Can I see your schedule? How busy could you be?”) Ha! Seho and Jackson show some aegyo to further their case and even bust out the flattery (I love all of your songs!). Seho trolls Jackson into admitting he doesn’t know one of JYP’s hits, causing the CEO to threaten to cut Jackson’s part in half next time Got7 releases a song. Jackson whines that he only was in the last music video for 12 seconds, his part shouldn’t be whittled down to 6 seconds! Poor guy, but I guess that is just part of being in such a large group.

The mission to recruit JYP continues as Seho pulls out a stack of CDs and asks for an autograph. Jackson calls Park Jin Young his “Korean Dad” (causing the CEO to bust out laughing) and the conversation turns to Jackson’s Mom. Seho and JYP both film a video shout out for Mom, which is touching to say the least. All of the flattery, deprecating humor, and Mom talk seems to have softened JYP’s shell because he accepts their invitation to produce the Christmas Party. Success!

We catch up with Gook Ju, Kang Joon, Seho, and Jackson a few days later as they arrive at JYP Entertainment. They are there to talk song selections for the Christmas party. Gook Ju has a song all picked out but JYP suggests a different tune, which Gook Ju accepts (she has her own fan girl moments meeting the CEO). She belts out the song, which is accompanied by a montage of her love triangle with Kang Joon and Jackson (which is hilarious).

Next up is the song choice for Jackson, Joon Hyung, and JYP himself (they are going to perform together). Jackson already has an idea and even managed to split up the parts of the song. Park Jin Young starts playing the keyboard and Jackson starts rapping — until Jin Young stops him. Jackson isn’t showing enough emotion — and I think we all get a taste for what JYP can be like in the studio.

Jackson tries it again, and Gook Ju helps him to “feel the pain of the lyrics” by slapping him as he raps. Haha! Park Jin Young tells Jackson he has the right feel now, which sends the younger man into an excited state. D’’awww, Jackson is too cute in front of his “Korean Dad”. Love it.

Qisti: Awww, Jackson was so nervous in front of JYP. But I’m loving this Christmas party idea inviting all your loved ones. And definitely digging Guk Joo’s vibe with the “Coming of Age” song/performance. I can’t wait!

The rehearsal continues with Se Ho given the song choice of JYP’s classic song “Honey”. I personally really like this song and can’t wait to see it since there is also going to be a special appearance by Young Ji. Se Ho forces, or I guess is JYP’s words “makes”, a lot of weird but strangely nice sounds and even learns the dance, putting an extra umph in his hip thrust. I love how chill JYP is about this whole thing, but once the music hits you can totally see a change.

Last but not least it’s Kang Joon’s turn and he suggests a Christmas carol to end the whole night. They start to sing “Santa’s Coming to Town”, and JYP shows them how to change it up in the chorus and shows off his vocal prowess. JYP sounds great singing, but I’m not quite sure if our roommates can do the same lol.

It’s finally the day off the party and the roommates are hustlin’ around trying to get things done. They begin to decorate the house and Young Ji gives Cucumber a bath (even bringing her dog dryer from home). They also begin cooking, making a lot of things for their special guests. Nana offers to cook and is immediately shut down (in a nice way) by the other roommates. Guk Joo is in charge of making the pork ribs with the kimchi they made. Also make cute little lunch boxes for their guest to enjoy. Dong Wook comes out to help Guk Joo cook the ribs and brings his friend (i.e. seasoning). They tried not to use it but in the end seasoning beats all and it becomes absolutely delicious.

Finally, our first guest arrives and it’s none other than JYP!

Rosie: Finally this party gets started! I love how reluctant Jackson was initially to invite him, and yet when he actually comes to their house he’s draggging JYP in before the man can even take off his shoes. The house looks so nicely decorated, even Cucumber, but somebody forgot to tell JYP not to wear black socks in the house. Is the issue just dust, or Cucumber’s hair? Young Ji saves the day - like she always does with the guests’ comforts - and puts her heart patterned booties on JYP. Oh so manly, it’s fabulous.

1-Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 8.02.13 AM.jpg

JYP then goes in search of cameras. It’s still my number one favorite reaction - to see people, new cast and guests alike react to all the cameras, especially that one you can chase down the hall.

So while the girls play around downstairs, the men check out the rest of the rooms and settle down to reminisce. JYP shares his first impression of Jackson (that he tried too hard) but all is well because basically Joon Hyung and Jackson’s personalities are identical in how they act while working. No wonder those two are such a riot when put together.

1-Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 8.08.47 AM.jpg

JYP impersonating Joon Hyung in the practice room. Incidentally, JYP looks good up there on the wall with those other masks.

Baek Ji Young is the next guess off Gook Ju’s list of invites.

1-Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 8.28.26 AM.jpg

She is basically me, which is to say she goes to the kitchen and stays in the kitchen mooching off of every morsel she can find with the food is still being made. They won’t let her actually work though, as a guest, so what else is a person supposed to do? EAT.

The guys attempt another dance practice session but Young Ji interrupts with a batch of homemade Dutch milk, and JYP gets this dreamy face that Baek Yi Joung likens to his KPOP Star Face. Joon Hyung takes it a half-step further:

1-Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 8.21.45 AM.jpg

Nice one, Joon Hyung.

Dong Wook and Se Ho bring in the pork ribs and kimchi, and there’s another eating/sampling frenzy. Seriously, what I would do to get an invite to this house, if just to eat food. Young Ji practices singing with JYP, and they try to entice Jong Ok to sing as well. She runs away, but I think JYP is smitten with how beautiful she is. Or “was” according to the captions. Psh, how dare they. She’s still a gorgeous woman.

I have a feeling next week is going to kill, now that we know Jackson’s mother will finally be here. The previews alone had me crying, and so while I may think JYP gets so much screentime on today’s episode, I’m prepared to forgive him if he’s flying Jackson’s mom here as a surprise.

1-Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 9.24.21 AM.jpg

The party looks to be fun, and I’m so glad they roommates are getting to invite their own families as well, some of whom we’ve seen like Se Ho’s parents and Dong Wook’s sister and brother-in-law. We also got a snippet of Young Ji’s mom and sister (that sister looks just like her too!) and Rhyohei’s friend. Sad to say it though but none of that is going to matter when Jackson’s mom comes out.

1-Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 9.31.15 AM.jpg

See you next week for what’s surely going to be a dramatic episode. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays from the Roommate Drama Club!

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