Episode 6 of The Greatest Marriage is filled with tears, anger, and another shocking pregnancy! Join Amy, Taleena, and Jazmine as we discuss this week’s episode!

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Jazmine: This episode was super emotional from beginning to end. I don’t think any of the leads smiled during the entire thing. I felt the worst for Ki Young this episode starting from the press conference. You could tell that she genuinely hurt by being forced to give up her position as anchorwoman. Not in this press conference but throughout the entire episode, everything is really starting to take its toll on her.

Taleena: I feel bad that she was forced out, but I think that stepping down from the anchor position will ultimately be healthier for her. Think how hard she drives herself—all the way to almost miscarrying—and her stubborn intensity. Stepping down might be best in the long run.

Amy: I felt really bad for Ki Young too. It seems like she is losing everything that she cares the most about except for one of her close friends. She is definitely going through a really hard time and needs a strong presence to help her out. Being alone in those situations usually doesn’t cut it. Hopefully her friend can be that strong presence for her.


Taleena: Yet another example of Tae Yeon not being able to handle grown up emotions. Using someone to lash out at someone else is not good. Myung Yi—USE things, LOVE people—you are doing the direct opposite. If you really cared about Tae Yeon you would tell him his behavior is destructive.

Amy: These two frustrate me. I liked Tae Yeon at the beginning but it is about time for him to grow up now. He needs to express himself in a way that everyone can understand because what he is doing does not and will not work. Myung Yi. I don’t know. That girl just needs to get her priorities straight.

Jazmine: Throughout the episode it was Myung Yi and Tae Yeon’s “relationship” that annoyed me the most. It’s obvious that he’s dating her and that he slept with her because he’s angry with Ki Young and because he’s a bit immature he’s not sure how to express his feelings. I would have liked Myung Yi a lot more if she was more firm in her resolve to stay away from Tae Yeon. And seeing how destructive their relationship was anyway, it really did neither of them any good.


Jazmine: I wanted to take a minute and discuss Yun Hee’s marriage. I think it’s a really interesting dynamic to this show. Even though she’s married to guy with a good occupation, has an important job herself, and has an adorable little girl it’s so obvious that she’s not happy. I think in its own subtle way, Yun Hee’s marriage supports what Ki Young stands for. Not only that, but I’m happy we got an inside look of what Yun Hee’s life is like. She’s definitely become a more interesting character.

Amy: Yun Hee’s marriage is definitely an illustration of Ki Young’s view on marriage. I feel bad for her and I hope she realizes that something in her marriage needs to change. She seems like a smart lady who would be able to figure that out. I’m interested in getting to know more about Yun Hee.

Taleena: I think that problem came with Yun Hee not caring enough about her marriage to resume non sexual intimacy after their little girl grew up enough to not need immediate nighttime care. I think you are right Jazmine that Yun Hee’s marriage contributes to the problem picture that Ki Young is trying to avoid.


Amy: Poor Ki Young being hidden away with the review team. They aren’t treating her well either. I think she is holding her tongue right now because she doesn’t want to give them a worse impression. She may just explode one of these days, though, and that might help. I hope they can recognize that Ki Young knows what she is doing and respect her eventually.

Taleena: I wish that Ki Young could see what a potential blessing the review team is. I felt this way when her boss told her to go home at 5. A 9-5 job is easier with a new baby that the demanding all hours job of the anchor position. And Yeah her coworkers are jerks but Ki Young isn’t exactly cuddly herself.

Jazmine: I felt so bad for Ki Young getting kicked to the review team. The way they were talking about her and being so blatantly disrespectful. I thought that she would say something because it’s not like Ki Young holds her tongue. I really wanted her to lash out on them and I think she would have but she has too much going on to deal with mean people that won’t go away. I was also worried what she would do if she wasn’t being an anchor anymore. I was wondering what her source of income would be so that she could support herself and 815. I’m happy she’s still at the broadcasting station I just wish she’d be shown more respect.


Taleena: Pop quiz, your daughter is having a really hard time. Do you A) Alienate her from her own apartment? B) Yell at her that she is ruining her life? C) Go to her work and scream at her and make her cry in the lunch room D) None of the above. If you answered A-C congrats you just nominated yourself for a bad Kdrama mom award. If you answered D you are a normal person.

Jazmine: I’m really starting to not like Ki Young’s mother. She’s way too over the top for me, and that’s saying something in drama land. I’m not sure why she would completely disown Ki Young. Is this closer to reality than I know? It seems too far fetched. What makes me upset though is that once Ki Young has the baby I bet her mom is gonna be cuddling up with her new grandson/daughter. And yeah I want their relationship to mend it just makes me mad to think how hypocritical her mother will be.

Amy: I really can not stand Ki Young’s mother right now. I think that they will eventually make up but it will be a long road. I think she is trying to expess to Ki Young just how grave she believes Ki Young’s situation is but she is way too extreme for my tastes.


Jazmine: So happy to see more of Pedro! He looked especially cute and was a beacon of happiness in a very emotionally charged episode. I loved seeing his interactions with Sun Nyeo! I thought he was really cool with the whole “accident” thing with the other two guys. I can’t believe they were just going to hit her like that. Pedro is starting to become my favorite guy on this show and that says something about the two male leads.

Amy: I like Pedro more every time I see him. He was definitely a welcome to change to all of the drama the characters went through during this episode. Jazmine, Pedro is my favorite of all of the male characters! I was so excited and happy when Park Sun Nyeo got the hiccups after he fastened her seatbelt. I want them together right now!

Taleena: Pedro! He and Doc Hubby are the only moderately normal people we have seen so far. Dare I say, too good for Sun Nyeo and her cray cray family?


Amy: Please use your words Tae Yeon. Please, please, please! Even if you don’t get back together with Ki Young I think you two could work something out. Just speak! Eun Cha get your act together and stop treating everyone so poorly! Myung Yi I don’t even know what to do with you. Pregnant? I don’t even know if I believe that since you’re such an attention seeker. Grow up girl.

Taleena: Hear Hear Amy, I won’t believe Myung Yi is actually preggers until I see her delivering a baby amid impartial witnesses. Myung Yi, I told you, never go full Golddigger. Plus, you know the deal between Ki Young and Tae Yeon and went into that relationship with your big Doe Eyes wide open. You have no ground being all hurt that he used you, because you were down with being used.

Jazmine:The whole scene leading up to this point really made me upset. How could Eun Cha talk to Ki Young that way after everything he’s done to her!? I guess he really has no remorse or anything. I’m also really gonna need Tae Yeon to learn how to express himself better. All he does is throw fits, but you can tell that he has a lot he wants to say. With Myung Yi’s pregnancy coming to light I wonder what’s in store for The Greatest Marriage.

What do you think? Will Myung Yi keep quiet about her pregnancy or will she tell everyone to get more money out of Tae Yeon? Will Ki Young be able to return to her spot as a news anchor? What will Eun Cha do next? Do think there’s any mending Ki Young and Tae Yeon’s relationship? Let us know in the comments below!

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