We’ve come full circle, ladies and gentlemen, although I think 21 episodes of backstory may have been a tad much. The players are moving into their final positions that we saw in episode 1. Join Taleena, Aunnie, Firnlambe and me as we discuss this final puzzle piece before Crown Prince Gwanghae takes his last steps to ward off his Father’s attempts to dispose him in The King's Face.

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Taleena: This is where I am not lady like and shout from the rooftops “I TOLD YA SO!” about Psycho escaping...

Aunnie: You? Lady-like?

Taleena: it’s been known to happen...

Aunnie: News to me. Haha, I love how the show just glossed over his escape. He was just suddenly free with a ninja behind him. They tend to gloss over a lot of things in this drama . . .kind of like how Gwanghae has a kid six years in the future. Or the fact that it’s suddenly six years in the future.

Firnlambe: But the writers absolutely love Rocky Horror Picture Show . . . remember . . . . Time Warps for everyone!!

Wendilynn: We are now in the same time frame as episode 1. Not only does he have a kid, but he has a 3 yr old little brother who is a legitimate heir.

Aunnie: They at least introduced that kid, Gwanghae’s . . .he’s just suddenly in the room when Herbalicious is being removed from her Queenly seat and he’s yelling “Daddy”. I mean, the kid doesn’t even have a name right now.

Wendilynn: Sadly, the kid’s name doesn’t matter where history is concerned.

Taleena: *Brrriiip* that’s my rewind sound, like it? The Queen broke Psycho out of prison.

Firnlambe: You’re surprised?

Wendilynn: That did not surprise me at all. She needs him and he’s got her as protection till he destroys her.


Aunnie: I love that your “rewind” sound was that of a VHS. I just can’t get over how this Queen is assumed to have amassed so much power in so little time. No, she was nothing, literally nothing before taking the Queen seat and no one would trust her after just a few days of Queenliness.

Taleena: I’m a child of the 80’s... SHE didn’t amass power, she just is a puppet of Psycho who spent decades amassing power. What is interesting to me is the fact that Greedy Concubine and Fourth Spawn are so firmly in Gwanghae’s court. Their brush with Psycho Treason scared the pants off of them.

Wendilynn: They are in the safe position hiding behind Gwanghae. He’s the one with the arrow bullseye in his back.

Aunnie: I feel like Fourth Spawn legitimately is seeing the “rightness” of having Gwanghae has Crown Prince and seems to be steering farther away from his mother’s thinking which . . .to be honest . . .is qute a relief.

Firnlambe: Fourth Spawn is being very reasonable isn’t he . . . sadly we know it won’t be of any use.

Taleena: Can we just have a moment of silence? *moment of silence* ...for Beefy McHotstuff and his suicidal alliance with Psycho?

Wendilynn: suicidal is right. For the life of me, I can’t imagine McHotstuff being serious, but I don’t think he’s right in the head anymore either. The only thing I hope for is that he’s paying his debt back to Gwanghae by setting up Psycho.

Firnlambe: I believe that this is the IDEAL dream plan . . . sadly I feel that it will only remain in dream mode.

Aunnie: I think poor Imhae just doesn’t care any more. He’s just in it, much like Psycho, to mess things up. He is just generally bitter and unforgiving in his position of deposed-ness.

Taleena: I was just so disappointed to see him scheme, especially after we saw Psycho strutting around his Dojo of Treason in Darth Vader Whites...ya know, if Darth Vader wore white....

Aunnie: That’d be weird . . .

Taleena: Before Labor Day...summer wear…


Aunnie: So it’s not so hot inside the suit . . .ahhhhhh, I get it.

Taleena: I sense a photoshop opportunity!

Firnlambe: You know . . . I think I’ll let this opportunity slide. My Star Wars fan self just can’t bring herself to make that happen.

Wendilynn: *rolling in helpless laughter* Oh my gosh, you guys are killing me. lol

Aunnie: While she’s helpless, let’s talk about the King finding out about Ga Hee’s not-so-secret-secret. I mean, really . . .why would you stare at Gwanghae from across the way? And don’t even start Taleena with all your logical “She didn’t know the King was watching” I very much know that, but she’s stupid. ‘Nuff said.

Firnlambe: See!! Didn’t I say they were blithering idiots?

Taleena: ha ha ha ha. I got nothing here, except to say Ga Hee loves her martyrdom. I thought to myself, “Self, is she doing the lovelorn stare so she can Eye Talk Gwanghae? Yes. Yes, she is.” - then Some Enchanted Evening started playing in my head.

Aunnie: All I could think during that scene as she’s staring at him all lovelorn was “I hope he’s talking to Eunuch Im about how he just hooked up with a Giseng.”

Taleena: Cha! Aunnie! Master’s Sun is too True Blue for that! He was talking about how adorbs his little tyke with Herbalicious is.

Aunnie: You take the fun out of ad-libbing . . .

Wendilynn: They’ve been playing this game for too many years. To me, her stealing her longing stares just looks like an amateur move. It didn’t really fit the situation after this amount of time.

Aunnie: THANK you. Once again, Wendilynn, you take the words right out of my mouth. It’s been sixteen years since he was made Crown Prince. She’s had more than enough time to get over Gwanghae. I’m sorry.


Taleena: Well, for once you agree with the KING! Bwahahahaha. I didn’t nickname her Love Through the Ages for nothing.

Aunnie: Oh damn . . . *hangs head in shame* Let’s change the topic!!! Like . . . .how the Traitor Security Chief is a Traitor and in his Traitorness is an evil, evil, evil Traitor!!!


Firnlambe: Ooooo I was so mad at him for all of these traitor ways.

Taleena: Is he though? Or is this the Long Play? Assuming Gwanghae has a long play.

Wendilynn: I didn’t really see it as a traitor move. He didn’t want to go, but he had a job to do that he couldn’t NOT do. Felt sort of sorry for him.

Aunnie: No, without a doubt, it was a traitor move. His statement: “You saved my life” confirmed it for me. But in case everyone needed more proof . . . how’s about he turned Ga Hee into the King (without even mentioning the fact that Herbalicious was there too). If he was in Gwanghae’s long play, he would not have turned in his Love Through the Ages.

Taleena: I am just mad that Pretty in Pink put Gwanghae in this mess. (Side Note: It was good to see Pretty in Pink back in pink. Side side note: I jumped about a foot when he was playful addressed as Prime Minister after the jump. I said “DAYum!” before they laughed it off.)

Aunnie: I didn’t really see him as “putting Gwanghae in this mess” but as he was being the only character attempting to do anything about the King and his ill-cray-cray state. Everyone is just chill with letting this pseudo-peace settle over the palace but he’s like “Nah, let’s stir sh*t up!” for the sake of the country.


Wendilynn: Its a drama, the “sh**” is supposed to be stirred up. I think his move was foolish, but not any attempt to hurt Gwanghae. Its just unfortunate that Psycho was just waiting for the moment to exploit. Speaking of moments to exploit...the Jurchens sure come in handy in making things hard for Gwanghae.

Taleena: Okay. TWO things I just need explained to me. 1) Didn’t Gwanghae tell the king about the Jurchen plot LO these many years ago? Why doesn’t he just hand over the scrap of letter and tell the king this was from the plot 6 years ago? 2) Wae, WAE?! The king offered the flipping throne to Gwanghae and Gwanghae says NO???!!! You doofus Gwanghae…

KFe22 pass the throne.jpg

Aunnie: Agreed! Granted, I understood the whole “be polite by declining” thing but really, he could have been like “If you think that’s best Father, then I’ll take the burden and allow you to enjoy your time more leisurely.” However, as far as the Jurchen plot . . .umm . .. I’m under the same impression. Not to mention that (as far as we’re aware) that language is still a SECRET language. Why would you be worried about a document only a HANDFUL of people can read!?!?!?!

Firnlambe: //ahem// Blithering . . . . Idiot . . . .

Wendilynn: No, I think it is still smart not to show the slip of paper. That phrase does not make Gwanghae look good. I understand why he declined the King’s offer because he’s too noble for his own good, but he should have phrased it along the lines of, “I’ll be happy to help you with your work, but keep the throne. I’ll just be your royal assistent.” heh.

Aunnie: Smart yes. But not necessarily a “Oh my word, search his room and get caught and cause even more reason to kill Gwanghae” type reaction. Once again, I’ll be the complainer but any reason they couldn’t have just walked out of the room, with the note tucked into their bra-equivalent, laughing as if they had just been casually waiting for Gwanghae? Oh wait . . it’s a Kdrama, nevermind.

Firnlambe: Either that or they could have been having some impromptu girl time. Seriously, as soon as she found that secret note they should have sat their butts down and just started chatting like it was the most normal thing to do, waiting for Gwanghae be damned.


Taleena: I think it was remarked on earlier that Ga Hee having any kind of contact with Herbalicious is exceptional because Ga Hee is not a lettered concubine. It drew a lot of attention the last two times they talked.

Aunnie: Honestly, don’t remember that, I know she’s not suppose to talk to Gwanghae at all but really, any excuse would have been better than dashing away as GUILTILY as possible and looking like you’ve just conspired with the devil.

Taleena: This is GA HEE we are talking about. She has a thimbleful of guile and patience and sometimes forgets to use it....

Aunnie: Fancy way of calling her stupid . . .

Taleena: She ISN’T stupid - she is impulsive and loves her own tragic theme music too much.

Firnlambe: So she’s stupid . . .

Wendilynn: lol No, she isn’t stupid. She would have been killed years ago if she was dumb. But again, I felt like there isn’t consistency in behavior. She is so smart and then they make her just be mindlessly stupid as if she’s never lived in the palace before. She’s been there for years. She knows how to cover her tracks.The writers have not been consistent with her. 

Taleena: They should just hide that fricking note under the dragon statue. Or in Eunuch Song’s old room because no one looked there for anything for years.

Aunnie: Shoulda just burned the letter . . . problem solved. Everyone needs to stop being so damn sentimental and realize that this palace life could keeeeeel you.

Wendilynn: Meow…

Taleena: You know what would be awesome? If we find out that Gwanghae has been actually trying to bump off his dad for years all along. mic drop.

Aunnie: Oh my god, that would make my WEEKEND!!

Wendilynn: He should at least deserve all those swords pointed at him.

Firnlambe: Wait . . . so does that mean Gwanghae has been a Sith in disguise this entire time? o.O

We are now almost to the end of the story and the ball in is Ga Hee's court.  What decision will she make?   If you have been keeping track we have a small challenge for our King Face's readers.  Throughout all these drama clubs we've been making pop culture references.  You can take the links to past DC episodes and see if you can figure out how many we have made.  We'll reveal the final count in the last Drama Club article.

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