Welcome back to You Are All Surrounded Drama Club, drama friends!!! Sadly, there was only one episode this week due to the elections in Korea. Despite being one episode short, we have a lot to talk about from secrets being revealed, to love continuing to bloom, to villains growing in numbers. Join Sage, Taleena, and myself as we talk about episode 9.

Batman is Bruce Wayne?

Tiara: I knew Dae Gu was going to deny his real identity, but I really thought Pan Seok caught him red handed. Grrr!!! Stop doing this fake out. It was fun the first time, but now it is just irritating.

Sage: When Dae Gu attempted to cover this up I was a little shocked. I was almost positive he was going to just come through and be like "Yeah, what are you gonna do about it?", when he didn't I was almost disappointed until I realized why he was so angry. When Pan Seok looked relieved, he got angrier because he didn't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing he didn't kill him 11 years ago.

Taleena: I was kind of disappointed Dae Gu deflected his identity but was quite happy with how the question of his identity ultimately played out in this episode. You're right Sage, in that Dae Gu needed the satisfaction of making Pan Seok never quite sure about the fate Ji Yoon. Dae Gu can count his lucky stars that Gook came along like an excuse sent from heaven.

Slept at my “friends place”

Sage: She looked so comfortable! I wonder when the fact that she slept at his house is going to come up between a conversation between Pan Seok and Soo Sun.

Tiara: Ooo, you got a point Sage. They haven’t been in a room alone since she made him ramen. Not that I want there to be lovey-dovey feelings between them, but one of them needs to break the ice between them. I do wonder if Pan Seok being her hero is going to come back and bite them both in the butt later down the road.

Taleena: Well it is all technically true. It was raining. She is friendly with her boss - does hero worship count? As a side note I am pleased to see Pan Seok has suitably masculine bedding. Sometimes it takes me out of the show, in a culturally jarring sort of way, when the hero has flower print bedding or a giant stuffed animal in his room.

Tiara: Taleena, does it make a differences if the man doesn't sleep in said bed?

Face to Face with S

Sage: It's like she's been planning this from the very beginning. She found him before everybody else and then began to mold him into an angry adult seeking revenge. But based on the conversation she had with him at the coffee shop-- telling him not to kill Black Boots Killer, she's loosing her reigns on Dae Gu.

Taleena: I am not convinced this is a long con. I thought so at first, but the scene in the coffee shop made me think that while the Captain is playing a deep game, she is not adversarial with either Dae Gu or Pan Seok. I think she is addressing a deep wrong, years old and trying to expose the source of corruption in the office still. That Pan Seok's apparent guilt is at odds with what we know of his character seems to be what bothers her most.

Tiara: I’m trying hard to keep my optimism about the Chief. She appears genuine about wanting to help Dae Gu. She can’t be evil because of her making Dae Gu promise to let the law be judge, jury, and executioner. I ponder how she found Dae Gu. What is her connection? Why did she become Dae Gu’s benefactor?

Who done it?

Tiara: A little anticlimactic to find out, neither is the killer. Granted, it isn’t surprising since both are self-absorbed. For a drama about cops, I was hoping for a bit more interesting crimes.

Sage: SO they both did kill him, just not in the way I originally thought..... Maybe I watch too much TV. I should've put two and two together what with the cell phone he was clutching in his hands.

Taleena: I thought for sure that dad had a heart attack, but those knuckleheads didn't seem like killers to me. I thought it interesting how Gook called his mom, Tae Il wanted to but ultimately didn't, and Dae Gu typed out a sad little text to his mom's memory. Aw! I just want to give Dae Gu a nice comforting back hug!

Dog has a bone

Sage: Jinks! JK, but, in all seriousness, he's probably going to be the next person to find out Dae Gu's little secret.... that he like's to play cop and dress up in black at night. Of course, it'll probably be an accident, he'll be eavesdropping or something.

Taleena: You can never watch too many dramas! How else will you be able to figure out the secret, tragic back stories of every one riding the commuter train with at a glance!

Tiara: I can’t tell you how happy I am to see Pan Seok shrug off Dae Gu’s denial. Considering he is a detective, I would be a little angry if he wasn't suspicious over Dae Gu’s behavior. I agree Sage, I see Kook being next in the group to find out Dae Gu’s identity. True story Taleena, one can not watch enough dramas.

Dating Time

Sage: Their relationship is so adorable! I totally want to do this though... I wonder what this meal is called.

Taleena: Looks like fresh rolls to me. Yum! Pan Seok's happiness in googling a good date restaurant was a delight! Her outdated taste in hair accessories funny. Her palpable boredom in camera shopping means that Sa Kyung is my heart sister.

Tiara: Thank goodness Sa Kyung isn’t the second lead jealous type. Pan Seok may come across as a grumpy old man, but he is kind hearted. I’m glad she sees him and isn’t upset he saved one of his rookies from the rain.

On a side note, hey Emergency Couple this is how a divorce couple rekindles.

Held at knife point again

Sage: It's funny how they blur out knives but too much to where you think he's holding something slightly inappropriate. cough cough *A submarine* cough cough. Cause those things are harmless. Anywho, I like how Gook took control here, though it wasn't right for him to tell everyone Tae Il's secret, though it wasn't that big of a deal.

Tiara: I agree Sage about blurring out knives. Makes me want to look at all the dramas which blurs out knives and Photoshop random objects in their hands. Poor Kook can’t get a break. One character growth has to be for Kook to become one of the best detectives ever. The poor kid can’t continue to be held at knife point for the rest of his life.

Taleena: That was Tae Il's Super Secret? He's a doctor? Shun him now! Honestly, the best part of this scene is Squad Leader Lee saying, "Again?!" The fact that he said it at the exact same time I did by no means biases me.

Doctor to Detective

Tiara: I’m good with doctor. I’m glad the drama didn’t go down the cheesy, poor rich guy way. Well now why did Tae II give up being a doctor? What made him want to become a cop? Why not become a forensic doctor? I'm happy he did choose cop because I love their bromance. So adorable!!

Sage: This is funny because I did the Drama Club for Emergency Couple. I like how he wrapped Gook up afterwards. Their bromance is one of the good ones.

Taleena: So I uhh, have a fever. yeah that's it. And a cough, *cough cough*. And umm, maybe pulled a muscle. I might need a little attention over here from a nice doctor.

Tiara: When I heard Kook say doctor, my thoughts went right to Emergency Couple. A shame the doctors I see aren't that good looking.

She finally remembers

Tiara: Did any of you find it a bit grating it took her brother to come visit for her to put two and two together? Maybe she needed someone else to confirm her suspicions, before she said something. I can buy that, but it just seemed a bit unnecessary to bring her oppa. As for Dae Gu, he needs to work on some better threats because … Ji Yong. *waits for a threaten kiss*

Sage: And all it took was a little nudge from her brother. That and the way he ties shoes, which is sweet by the way.

Taleena: I'm thinking Dae Gu's kind of looking for an excuse to do that again. I mean he's the one daydreaming about her lips kissing his chest and angrily brooding about her making Pan Seok ramen. Projecting a little? Plus, cakes in K Dramas look really tasty.

Tiara: Ha! Taleena I think you nailed the reason why he threaten her with a kiss.

Assemblyman meets his man

Sage: Why did he seem so surprised to see him? We all know now that he is the mastermind behind all of this, but he looked surprised, borderline scared when Black Boots came in. Also, how do they know each other? Why did he hire him to kill Dae Gu's mom? What grudge does he have against Pan Seok? Was he the corrupt politician who got that girl killed 11 years ago? The one Dae Gu's mother saw happen? If so, why did he have her killed?

Tiara: Confirmed Villain, check. Okay it isn’t shocking news Assemblyman Yoo knows our Boots. What is interesting happens to be Boots lying to his boss. Why does it matter Ji Yong isn’t dead? I may have watched too many dramas, but why do I get the feeling Assemblyman might be related to Dae Gu?

Taleena: When you hire a crazy killer Assemblyman, you should never let him off your leash. I am thinking that you are one of the "loose ends" that will eventually be cleaned up by Black Boots. Is the Assemblyman Pan Seok's old partner? The one that didn't want to pick up cigarette butts? Pan Seok has been busted in rank a few times. it would explain how his old partner and mentor is so high in rank over him.

Thank You for being Alive

Sage: I liked this scene because you could tell that this was something Dae Gu really needed to hear, that somebody was proud of him despite everything that has happened. I hope Soo Sun is really able to keep his secret and doesn't "accidentally" blurt it out to everyone. Also, how differently is she going to act around Dae Gu now? Vice versa? Can I hear a, ♪♫Love is in the air, rock-a-bye my bear!♪♫ And, I still want her to move onto his top bunk before their relation gets too uncomfortable. Or should I say too comfortable.

Taleena: My inner Celine Dion and I begin to belt this at every back hug these days - ♪♫ "Cause I'm your LAY-dy! And you are my MAN! Whenever you Reach for me, I'll do all that I CAN! ♪♫ Oh back hugs! Is there any emotional wound you can't heal? Is there any emotional state you can't convey? Also - I love her taking Dae Gu to task for not calling her Noona. That's right Soo Sun keep him in line!

Tiara: The reunion between the PanSeok, Dae Gu and Soo Sun is by far bittersweet. One wanted to apologize for saying hurtful things while another felt responsible for breaking a promise. Pan Seok and Soo Sun were grateful towards Dae Gu for being able to survive. I understand why Dae Gu is suspicions of Pan Seok but he is barking up the wrong tree. The look on Pan Seok's face clearly shows the sadness and happiness he feels at finally knowing the young boy who lost his mother is alive and grew up well. Than you have Soo Sun who wants to be his noona and take care of young Ji Yong and Dae Gu.

I just hope now with the secret out in the open, we can focus on Dae Gu gaining all the love and comfort he missed for the past eleven years. Drama, you can start with putting Soo Sun as his roommate. This way Dae Gu can belt out those love ballads.


What did everyone think of this week’s episode? Do you agree or disagree with us? Did Tae II’s secret live up to the hype? Do you think the Chief is working with Assemblyman? What were your favorite moments? Let us know what you thought in the comments below.

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