It's time for DramaFever's movie night again! Ethan Ruan of the famous T-drama Fated to Love You returns in a powerful performance in New York, New York, which traces the love affair between a couple who have different dreams despite their romance. Is a passionate romance enough to keep them together? Take a look at the movie trailers, posters and stills.


An ambitious girl has an unhealthy relationship with a hotel worker. When she gets the chance to pursue her dreams, the only thing love seems to do is hold her back.

When Chinese-American hotelier Mr. Mi (Michael Miu) arrives to recruit workers for his new hotel in New York, Ruan Yujuan (Du Juan) sees this as her big break. However, Lu Tu (Ethan Ruan) is not ready to go. Having seen his family abandoned by his father, Lu Tu feels like this is running away. Ruan Yujuan is not budging on leaving. Lu Tu has to make a decision between his home and his love. Ruan Yujuan has to decide between her love and her dreams. As they struggle with their respective decisions, both of them realize that the chance to pursue your dreams may not be the golden opportunity that it initially looks like.

Directed by Luo Dong, the movie presents a very moody and nostalgic feel. New York, New York was released on April 15, 2016.


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(Note: Viewer Discretion Recommended)

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