Jang Wooyoung is ready to join his fellow 2PM members in the military!

The Dream High actor is scheduled to formally enlist next week. His agency, JYP Entertainment, made the official announcement on Friday. “Wooyoung is indeed enlisting on July 9. However, he wanted to enlist quietly, so we have decided not to reveal the place and time of enlistment." Right now, his schedule seems clear as he prepares to serve his country.

Last month, the 29 year-old idol mentioned his mandatory military duty during a fan meeting, but the date wasn't confirmed. Taecyeon and Jun K. quietly enlisted in September 2017 and May 2018 respectively. While Taecyeon impressed South Korea by giving up his permanent residence visa in the USA to join the military, Jun.K recently received honorary mention for outstanding performance. I'm sure Wooyoung will blow us away with his admirable qualities while serving.

2PM plans to remain a group for years to come. After debuting in 2008, all of the members (excluding Taecyeon) renewed their contract earlier this year. Because his enlistment was prior to the contract renewal meetings, he'll discuss it with JYPE when he is discharged. Wooyoung made certain he left fans with amazing tunes to fill the void during his hiatus. His mini album Bye was released in January.

Check out his live performance of "Don't Act" and "Quit" on Music Bank this winter.

Which 2PM or Wooyoung album will you have on repeat this week as you prepare for his enlistment?

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