We’ve finally made it to the end of our duel, and honor has been served here--at least, I think so. With cures, deaths, arrests, and friendships made it appears we may have had the happiest of possible endings for our characters. Justice has been done medically, and it appears to have been done legally as well. What did you think of the journey? Join Young Ajummah, Debo, and me, Kate, as we discuss our reactions to the conclusion of Duel.

Ajummah: I KNEW things would turn out this way. I thought maybe Detective Jang would have died, being that he was gut shot but yeah...Bad Clone had to go. It was the only way that made sense to me. I did feel like Doctor Han shouldn’t have died that way. It just felt so...unfinished.

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Kate: It would have felt cheap if Bad Clone, after killing Dr. Han, who was effectively his mother, all those other people, and causing so much damage and pain would have made it even if he had a last minute change of heart or redemption. Yes, the only redemption I felt he could get would have to be paid for with his life for that of another. Even his realization felt a little too quick in the end, but it was the most logical solution for his character arc. I wanted Dr. Han to survive, too, but thought it was unlikely after last week’s ending. The good guys had to lose someone to add a little more weight to their plight, and the other characters were more important than Dr. Han narratively. I mean, could you imagine if Seo Yoon had died before getting the cure? Or if Mi Rae was shot in that garage instead? There wouldn’t have been any happy endings possible there.

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Debo: Agreed. Also is Detective Jang just a superhuman? He’s been shot, beaten, thrown around in any which way and he is just still alive and kicking. Being a protagonist sure is great protection. But Bad Clone’s death was a good ending of the show but I agree as well that other deaths IE Dr Han’s felt incomplete.

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Ajummah: Meh, maybe happy endings are overrated. BUT seriously, I am happy with the way it ended. Bad Clone ends up dying but only after killing the CEO so he rights a lot of his wrongs. He also returns the stem cells which...actually I have a question about that. Should that have been refrigerated? I feel like medical stuff like that needs to be cold and it was in the car, in the someone’s basement...I just don’t feel like it was accurately depicted. Other then that I was happy with the way things ended. I do have a question. What happened to the CEO’s daughter? Did she get arrested again? I want to say yes but for the life of me, I can’t remember.

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Kate: Okay, maybe happy isn’t the best word choice. Satisfying, maybe? Also, Ajummah, we’ve already established that this is a magical cure that can fix anything, so maybe those stem cells are magical too? Seriously, though, I thought I would scream when the justice official came into Prosecutor Choi’s office and said “the CEO just died, the company has suffered enough.” I was glad she stuck to her guns and that the top people at San Young (including the CEO’s daughter) were all arrested. I would say, I wouldn’t have minded about 10 more minutes in “the future” so we could get a little more information about what happened next, even if there was only a minute devoted to how much time all those crooked people were spending in prison and how Prosecutor Choi was still kicking butt and taking names.

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Debo: Definitely a much bigger Prosecutor Choi now than I was in the very beginning. She is such a strong character and sticks to what is right.

Ajummah: I remember after watching the first two episodes, I HATED Prosecutor Choi. I mean I really despised her, but she came around. I like her now. I think the change for me was when her boss threw the coffee on her and she continued to work regardless how he felt about her. Also, what happened to the female junior prosecutor and the detective’s love triangle? I mean it wasn’t a major story line but they mentioned enough for me to be curious about it.

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Kate: There are so many little details (and a few medium-sized ones) that I wanted to see followed up in that coda at the end. I was glad to see Mi Rae, Good Clone, our healthy little Soo Yeon, and Detective Jang all together and looking happy after paying homage at Bad Clone’s urn, but I wanted to hear and see a number of other stories completed. Hearing that the detective and prosecutor had started dating might be enough there, but also seeing the state of Detective Jang and Prosecutor Choi’s post-event relationship would be nice to see (dating or no, seeing that they’re closer again) and maybe she has a shiny new promotion to head of the department of anti-corruption. I’d also like a little more on Good Clone and Mi Rae’s relationship, especially since we know he’s genetically her father. Something showing us that they have a supportive sibling-like relationship now, perhaps? It was not necessary but really, all these things could have been accomplished in about 5 more minutes near the end. What else would the both of you liked to have seen in the ending?

Ajummah: Maybe Mi Rae and Good Clone having a relationship. Other than that, and the things that I mentioned, I think I’m satisfied.

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Debo: I am pretty satisfied with how things wrapped up. Maybe a bit of a unpopular opinion here, but I am actually not a fan of a romance being brought up in the story line. I am typically a total romantic but I feel like the story line is good enough following the mystery of all that has happened and I feel like a romance would have just created an unnecessary detour.

Kate: Romance can be a fine addition, but the writers just paid too much attention to that flirting story line and didn’t take it anywhere. Even a recognition that the junior prosecutor was flirting with the detective in order to get information would have been a way to put a bow on that. It felt like a loose end.

Ajummah: Normally I’m anti-romance but like Kate said, they put too much emphasis on it in the beginning of the series that it did feel like a loose end. Perhaps OCN’s next drama will do a better job on the romance front.

Kate: I hope so too, Ajummah. This series was missing a little more depth because it was a little too crowded. Overall, while I found the end a satisfying one for the series, the series was just good and not great. I think there was just a little too much of everything--too many plot twists, too much corruption, too many story lines, too many villains. A little more focus would have allowed for a stronger story.

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Now that the story is over, are you satisfied? How well do you think it was concluded? Where does it rank on your lists? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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