On the eve of Valentine's Day, this Taiwanese couple finally got married. He's 89 and she's 79. Because they have been worried about society's conventions, they dared not marry for 40 years despite their love for each other.

The story is about the son of a rich family who met a woman who had concluded an unhappy marriage. He helped her to stand up again. Their story could have been a warm-hearted Asian drama, and nowadays no one would disagree with their freedom to be with each other. However, they met over 40 years ago. In the backdrop of the traditional society back then, they were afraid of gossips and did not get married.

Hsu Jinchen came to Taiwan when Chinese Communists won the civil war and took over mainland China. He followed the Republic of China's army to Taiwan. Hsu eventually became a skillful chef. He met Ke Yuehua, a woman who had the courage to leave an unhappy marriage. In the society at that time, a divorcee was viewed with disparagement and there was usually a lot of gossip. Hsu helped Ke to stand up again in life. They fell in love but dared not get married. They've been living as neighbors for 40 years, helping each other as friends and seeing each other getting old.

Two months ago, Hsu was hospitalized and moved to intensive care due to lung infection and osteomyelitis. On Feb. 13th, he suddenly told his social worker at the hospital that he wanted to marry Ke. The social worker notified Ke's nursing home and Changhua County's local land office. They hurried with necessary paperwork and prepared the wedding gown, cake and flowers.

On the eve of Valentine's Day, Hsu Jinchen and Ke Yuehua finally became husband and wife. Their wedding march music was played on a hospital social worker's cell phone. Their witnesses were staff members from Changhua County's local land office and the Chang Bing Show Chwan Memorial Hospital. Dressed in a bridal gown, Ke was asked by Hsu, who was in his sick bed, "Do you want to marry me?" She said, "Yes."