Production for the historical youth drama Hwarang: The Beginning is shaping up to look very promising! We catch our first glimpse of the beautiful leading lady and her six knights in the first official character promotional posters, which are full of personality. Looking at the photos, viewers get a good feel for each character in this drama that takes place 1,500 years ago in the Silla nation, one of the three kingdoms of Korea. While you let your first impression of the posters sink in, let’s learn more about the heroine and her group of elite men.

Park Seo Joon's image in this historical drama as Moo Myeong will be very different compared to his previous role as the chic and strict Ji Sung Joon from She Was Pretty. The lead actor is barely recognizable as Moo Myeong! As a warrior who lives life like there is no tomorrow, he is strong-headed like a dog and free-spirited like a bird. A love line is formed between him and Aro (played by Go Ah Ra); a love born out of his yearning to protect her.

Lead actress Go Ah Ra depicts Aro, a commoner who has parents with differing societal status, one high and one low. She has a direct personality with the air of a noble. Aro is the love interest of Moo Myeong and Sam Maek Jong.

ZE:A’s Park HyungSik takes on the role of King Jinheung, who has a dual identity as Sam Maek Jong. His lonely life and untrustworthy personality, which resulted from his royal status, makes him a complex addition to the hwarang group. Meeting Aro helps him regain his confidence to become a proper king.

Choi Minho from SHINee takes on the role of Suho, a hwarang who has an aura of a playboy, but deep down is loyal to only one women. He is a chivalrous character looked up to by the other fellow young aristocrats.

Banryu, played by Do Ji Han, is a character who has been groomed since birth to be power hungry. Although he is a competitive and cold-blooded man, he is not cold in regards to love.

Jo Yoon Woo acts as Yeo Wool, the resident pretty boy sure to spark interest with his mysteriousness and sharp tongue.

Kim Tae Hyung, better known as his stage name V from BTS, will portray the youngest member of the elite group of men, Hansung, grandson of Seok Hyunjae. Hansung is a friendly, social character who wishes to get along with everyone. Due to his personality, his character will play an important part, as he is against the Silla imperial family.

Filming for the drama was reported to have started on March 31. This will be a 100 percent pre-produced drama, so look forward to this upcoming KBS2 series to air in the second half of the year.

Whose character are you looking forward to see?

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