Cosmetics have been around for over 6000 years, having originated in ancient Egyptian society. Today, in nearly every society on our planet, makeup is used in some way, shape, or form by women of all ages, and men as well. Just recently, a short video on the best and worst of the history of makeup was uploaded onto YouTube, and it's already taken over a million viewers on a beauty trip back in time.

Lisa Eldridge, a makeup artist from Liverpool, England, knows a thing or two about cosmetics. While in her early twenties, she broke out onto the scene working with Cindy Crawford for ELLE magazine. Since then, she's worked for just about every single major fashion magazine in the world, making-up stars like Keira Knightley, Kate Winslet, and Cara Delevingne. To promote the launch of her new book, Face Paint: The History of Makeup, Lisa created a fascinating YouTube video titled the "Best and Worst Makeup Moments in History #Facepaint." In the video, Lisa goes back in time, applying makeup to herself the way it was done back in ancient Egypt, Greece, the Medieval and Venetian societies, the 18th century, Victorian times, the end of the 19th century, and onward until today. Not only does she show the looks of each period, but she explains what exactly was used for cosmetics back then and how they were applied on the face. She even gives little history lessons about the societies themselves. The video is fun to watch and even educational!

Compared to ancient times, styles in this day and age change by the decade, with more choices now than ever before. Women, and men for that matter, are free to apply makeup any way they want with no restrictions. And according to Lisa, that's why today's the best time in history to be a makeup lover.  

Check out Lisa and her awesome video below:

Lisa's book: Face Paint: The History of Makeup

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