In Taiwan, where respect for the dead is often measured by the number of mourners at a person's funeral, families have come up with some pretty creative ways to pull in a crowd, including hiring funeral strippers. While this has been a tradition for years, recently the Chinese government has attempted to ban this "obscene" practice.

The Chinese Ministry of Culture is having a hard time fighting the use of funeral strippers because they are so cheap and easy to find, and clearly very effective at luring in people to "mourn." 

National Geographic did a piece in 2012 on the practice:  

Apparently the strip tease is not only for the enjoyment of the living, but is also a chance for the dead to get in one last party, as one man in the video explains: "He told his friends he wanted a hole to be dug in his coffin and have the girls dance in font of him. That way he could watch the dance through the hole." 

Do you think the Chinese government should make an effort to ban such practices? 

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