Girls’ Generation Choi Sooyoung and actor Jung Kyung Ho, who have been going out for three years, were spotted on Sunday's showing of the musical Newsies in Seoul. In Newsies, Sooyoung’s older sister Choi Soo Jin stars as the lead character Catherine.

Sooyoung and her older sis Choi Soo Jin are perhaps the most popular K-pop sisters after Jessica and Krystal Jung. After attending Newsies premiere on May 13, Sooyoung expressed her love for her older sis:

“I cried every time you sang a solo on the musical stage. Today, I didn’t cry. Perhaps because I’m used to your great singing after hearing the same song in the room next to mine for so long. I didn’t get to sleep in, but you gave me unforgettable joy and inspiration. You did great!” Sooyoung shared on Instagram.

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매번 언니가 뮤지컬무대에서 솔로넘버 부를때 . 객석에 앉아 훌쩍였지만 오늘은 울지않았다 . 매일매일 하루도 빠짐없이 옆방에서 똑같은 노래를 연습해대는 통에 그 감동에 익숙해진 탓 일까 😏 . 언니덕분에 늦잠은 못잤지만 오늘 언니가 준 감동은 잊을 수 없는 기쁨과 영감을 주었어 🙌 그렇게 큰 대극장도 넘치는 에너지로 꽉 채우는 배우가 된 언니를 보니 가슴이 벅차오르는 하루 . 정말 잘했고 너무 수고했어 ❤️ 짝짝짝 👏 근데 #뽀뽀 #너무마니해 🙈🙈 #뉴시즈 #뮤지컬 #최수진 #캐서린 #디즈니뮤지컬 #newsies #꼭보러오세요 🙏🏻

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Here’s a photo of Sooyoung and a fan at Newsies backstage.

Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho have been lovebirds for three years since they admitted dating rumors in January 2014. Just last month, the couple went on a shopping spree at a boutique according to Dispatch.

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