It's Seo In Guk's 27th birthday! We can't throw him a birthday party or get him tons of presents wrapped in pretty paper, but we can celebrate the skin he was born in by looking at it! Let's all celebrate his birth by appreciating the body he was blessed with.

10. Let's start slow here with just some collarbone action.

9. Protruding collarbones are just so pretty! He looks totally angelic here!

8. I don't really understand why this was considered a good idea, but at least part of his chest is showing.

7. Did you know that Seo In Guk had this sort of upper body?!

6. This is fabulous! His hair, his face, his outfit, and of course...his decision to not wear pants!

Watch Seo In Guk's star turn in Answer Me 1997:

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5. Just...O.M.G!

4.  Are you ok? Can you still scroll?

3. Notice the small glistening patch of sweat on his arm.

2. Imagine him standing just like this as you try to hold a normal conversation with him. 

1. Wow, this photographer just had to make sure his jeans were left unbuttoned. I have to go cry in a corner right now. #BYE

Best birthday EVER! Happy Birthday Seo In Guk!!!

Do you feel like today is your birthday too after this skin-tastic celebration?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE