Gu Hye Sun just celebrated her birthday on November 9 and tweeted a photo of herself holding a basket of red roses. When she was giving a cinema talk on her new movie, Daughter, she was given a nice surprise.

Here's the video that shows when Gu Hye Sun was given birthday gifts by surprise on November 8. (It is not subbed, but you'll get the idea and see how much Gu Hye Sun is loved.)

Although fans have been sending her happy birthday wishes and gifts, perhaps the best gift is the one she has given to herself. She has been successful in producing her own creative work. Her new movie Daughter was just officially released on November 6. Gu Hye Sun wrote, directed, and starred in the film about the difficult relationship between a mother and a daughter.

There's more... Gu Hye Sun also wrote and sang a very sweet song "Floral Rain" for the Daughter movie. "Floral Rain" is her 6th digital single. Here is the MV:

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She also tweeted this photo accompanied by the number 30: 

Yes, Gu Hye Sun, you are 30 now, and what a beautiful and accomplished young lady you are! Continue to follow your heart and your conviction, dream big, and show us more of what you can do.

Happy Birthday!