Hospital Ship is sailing its way to stardom.

The newest MBC medical series retains its spot at number one in television ratings for the second week in a row. Wednesday's ratings increased by 1.1% since last week. Hospital Ship achieved 10.3% for episode 5, while episode 6 earned a respectable 11.8%. The competition only saw the single digits. SBS' Reunited Worlds had 5.5% and 6.6%, however, KBS 2TV's Manhole ranked third with 2.2%. 

I'm sure the quality of the production is as great as ever, but recent cable programs like Goblin seem to be gaining on the major broadcast networks. It's very hard to choose the best show to the watch when there are so many options. Nonetheless, Ha Ji Won's big comeback series is off to a great start. It can only get better from here. 

Ha Ji Won's Hospital Ship, which co-stars Lee Seo Won and CNBlue's Kang Min Hyuk, is all about doctors dedicated to meeting the needs of patients who don't live near quality healthcare providers. 

Congratulations to the cast and crew! Which episode of the series is your favorite so far? 

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