9/26/2012 UPDATE: We've chosen a winner, thanks to everyone who entered!

Introducing a new game: I Spy Drama!

How do you play? It's easy! All you have to do is find the objects described below in FAITH episode 11.

Tell me WHERE the objects are in the comment box below, and you could win a FAITH POSTER! One winner will be selected from everyone who gives us the correct answers.

Example: Hello Kitty is located at 8:32! (8mins 32 seconds)

FIND US! We're all located in FAITH EPISODE 11

1. I'm small, stiff, and green. Thats so unlike me since usually I come in black,brown,even white and I'm always moving.

2. I'm made of wood and come in a collection. I prefer to be in a kitchen stirring things.

3.  I'm so pretty on a wooden stand even though I'm prettier in my natural state...in a garden.

 Let the treasure hunt begin!