Now that Rain and Kim Tae Hee are happily married, we’re all super excited about their future children! So we thought it’d be fun to share photos of how their little ones might look. Check out photos of a baby boy (L) and a baby girl (R), thanks to Morph Thing!

It’s hard to pinpoint parts of their faces that resemble their parents’, but they’re super adorable! Here’s another set of morphed images from 2013. Which baby resembles Rain and Kim Tae Hee the most?

For the record, the couple doesn’t have plans for children yet, though Rain’s godfather and actor Ahn Sung Ki hopes they “make a lot of babies.”

“They carried on a good relationship for a long time, and they’re such a beautiful couple. I hope they live a happy life even after marriage and make as many babies as possible. I’m sure their children will be as pretty and healthy as them,” the actor said in an interview before the couple’s wedding.

After last Thursday's wedding, the couple was spotted leaving for a honeymoon on Sunday and in Bali today. When they return, they’ll live in Rain’s flat in Chungdam-dong, Seoul.

We already know Kim Tae Hee wants a daughter who’d grow to be a mother’s friend. If this singer-actor couple were to have a child, would it be a boy, a girl, or twins?

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