Welcome back to K-drama Confessional with Rara Pop and KD Bonbon! Last week the duo discussed which Asian drama started their obsession, and this week they are tackling the question “Which Korean actors always make you swoon?” From Lee Min Ho to Jang Geun Suk, Rara and KD talk about the swoon-inducing Korean men who always keep them coming back for more!

Are you ready to swoon with Rara Pop and KD Bonbon? If so, keep reading!

KD: We’re back for another segment of K-drama Confessional!

Rara: Thank you everyone for your fantastic comments on our first post! We were so delighted to read all about how you guys got interested (ADDICTED) to Asian dramas! So many of you had amazing stories to share, and we loved reading every one!

KD: This time we’re tackling a topic I know we all LOVE to talk about — hot Korean men!! The question this time is “Which Korean actors always make you swoon?”

Rara: YESSSSSS. I can certainly talk about this topic for hours on end…

KD: I think we all can!

Rara: But we’ll do our best to keep our fangirl ramblings concise — we promise!

KD: Where do we even start, Rara? There are too many beautiful men!

Rara: It’s so tough to choose! Well, if we go by our own chronological order of swoon-inducing actors, let’s start with Lee Dong Wook!

KD: Ohhhhhh Lee Dong Wook. Why are you so handsome?

KD: We already went into depth last time about our obsession with My Girl, but we didn’t talk much about Lee Dong Wook! He was definitely one of my first introductions into the swoon-worthy nature of Korean actors.

Rara: Over the years my love for Lee Dong Wook has stayed quite strong — he never fails to make me swoon!

KD: I so agree! I really did love him in Blade Man, and can we please talk about that shower scene in Scent of a Woman? I mean….

Rara: Those abs are impeccable!

….and it looks like we aren’t the only ones entranced! Check out this gem of a video I just found.

KD: That is a FANTASTIC video! I think we would be great friends with whomever created that. Besides being some serious eye candy, Lee Dong Wook is also a fantastic actor. I just love to watch him in dramas.

Rara: For sure! And know who else also has some killer abs and acting chops? Gong Yoo!

KD: Yes! Gong Yoo! Those abs...

Rara: Thank you Coffee Prince for introducing me to this wonderful actor!

KD: The thing I loved about Gong Yoo in Coffee Prince was how dedicated to the role he was. He really made you feel his happiness and his pain. I was there for you Gong Yoo!!

Rara: His emotions and inner turmoil were just so real! And who can resist his gorgeous eyes?

KD: And even though I will admit that I wasn’t a huge fan of his most recent drama, Big, it was still great to see Gong Yoo back on screen.

Rara: Gong Yoo, please come back to dramaland!! We all miss you so much...

KD: It’s so true...you know who else I’ve missed in dramaland? Gong Yoo’s Coffee Prince co-star Kim Jae Wook!

Rara: Waffle guy? He’s the best!

KD: Yes. Waffle guy. Kim Jae Wook is definitely one of my favorite K-drama actors! Besides Coffee Prince I also loved him in Mary Stayed Out All Night and Who Are You! He was definitely my shining light in both those dramas!

Rara: But what about Jang Geun Suk?!

KD: Definitely not hating on the wonderful Jang Geun Suk. But there is a special place in my heart for Kim Jae Wook!

Rara: Okay, now that you mentioned Jang Geun Suk, I can’t stop thinking about him! That beautiful man always gets me right in the heart.

KD: He definitely gets me too! (Team Tae Kyung right here…)

Rara: Oh for sure. And I just have to say that I loved every single one of his hundreds of hairstyles in You’re Beautiful!

KD: That man has amazing hair period! But now that you mentioned hair... we have to talk about Lee Min Ho. You can chronicle that man’s acting history by the changes in his hair! Lee Min Ho is a god.

Rara: I’m surprised we got this far without talking about Lee Min Ho!

KD: Right? Don’t worry Lee Min Ho mega fans — we have LMH fever too!

Rara: But probably unlike a good portion of you, it was Personal Taste and City Hunter that first brought us into the Lee Min Ho fan club!

KD: That’s very true! We were late to the game on Boys Over Flowers. Lee Min Ho in Personal Taste though...mega swooning! That “Game Over” scene pretty much sealed the deal for me.

Rara: I could watch that all day, every day!

KD: I can’t wait to see what Lee Min Ho’s comeback drama will be…

Rara: If he does a drama… We can only hope and pray!

KD: If he doesn’t before he goes to the army I’m going to go into some serious withdrawal!

Rara: Maybe Ji Chang Wook can step in to help heal your heart?

KD: Oh I definitely think he can help to ease some of my pain!

Rara: Ji Chang Wook really stole my heart during Healer. I haven’t swooned that hard in a long time!

KD: I agree! I would not mind sharing an island in the South Pacific with Ji Chang Wook...

Rara: <3

KD: I know another Korean actor who you are obsessed with — Lee Jong Suk! You are always talking about him!

Rara: Omg yes! I really fell hard for him in School 2013 and now he’s one of those actors that I have to watch just about everything that he does (even the mess that was Doctor Stranger…). I just love his adorable, yet intense emotions!

KD: And while we’re at it, we might as well throw in Kim Woo Bin, Lee Jong Suk’s best friend! I mean...look at them. How can you not swoon over their bromance?

Rara: My heart cannot take it!

KD: Now, I have to admit, Lee Jong Suk is not my cup of tea...but I seriously LOVE me some Kim Woo Bin.

Rara: You’re missing out from the Lee Jong Suk fan club... but that just means more of him for myself! That being said, Kim Woo Bin is definitely another favorite of mine! His slicked back hair in Heirs was one of my favorite looks on him. That hairstyle combined with his fantastic eyebrows sure make my knees go weak!

KD: I can totally understand why you and so many others think Lee Jong Suk is so swoon-worthy, but personally he’s just never done it for me! And I think that’s totally fine. We all have our biases!

Rara: Well I know someone we can both agree on — So Ji Sub!

KD: Oh yes. Yes. So Ji Sub is perfect.

Rara: He really is the complete package — looks, talent, abs. I’m so excited to see So Ji Sub in his new drama Oh My God. I think he will be just as swoon-worthy as ever in it!

KD: I am extremely excited as well. Is it weird that one of my dreams is to have So Ji Sub tell me to get lost like he does in The Master’s Sun? Probably…

Rara: DEFINITELY NOT. I would die of happiness if he said that to me!

Rara: Another more seasoned actor that I will always love is Cha Seung Won.

KD: Cha Seung Won never fails to make me smile whenever he is on screen! And every character he plays is so amazing.

Rara: He really is amazingly talented. He truly immerses himself into every role he plays.

KD: I also love the amazing chemistry he always has with his female co-stars. I personally loved him in The Greatest Love, and I always thought his chemistry with Gong Hyo Jin in that drama was legendary!

Rara: I know we’re talking about actors today, but I have to say I have a serious girl-crush for Gong Hyo Jin! If any female actress makes me truly swoon, it’s her. Also, The Greatest Love is one of my all time favorite K-drama rom-coms.

KD: I so agree about Gong Hyo Jin. She is wonderfully beautiful and talented and always brings out the best in her co-stars. Actually, we can link Gong Hyo Jin to most of the sexy Korean actors we’ve mentioned so far...

Rara: Besides maybe Park Shin Hye, Gong Hyo Jin gets all the best co-stars!

KD: And Gong Hyo Jin has two other co-stars I can think of who definitely make me swoon! Care to take a guess at who they are?

Rara: One has to be Jo In Sung.

KD: Of course! Who could forget their memorable performance in It’s Okay, That’s Love together! Jo In Sung is a major heartthrob!

Rara: And something tells me the other one is a lovable, yet stoic alien. Am I close? :)

KD: Right on the money! It’s Kim Soo Hyun!

Rara: That man sure has some impressive swoon power! Not just anyone can turn all of Asia into your die-hard fan. His face is all over the place in China and Korea!

KD: Oh Kim Soo Hyun...how is it possible for you to be so dreamy?

Rara: I also loved how we saw a totally different side to him in Producer.

KD: He definitely proved himself as an accomplished and versatile actor! Another Kim Soo Hyun role that made me really appreciate him as an actor was his portrayal of Bang Dong Gu/Won Ryu Hwan in Secretly Greatly. He goes from village idiot to tough no-nonsense spy flawlessly!

Rara: That was a great movie! Kim Soo Hyun is really on the top of the game right now. He’s one of the most in-demand actors and celebrity endorsers. I’m excited to see what he does next!

KD: I agree!

Rara: Whew. All these swoon-inducing actors in one post sure is overwhelming my fangirl emotions!

KD: But if you had to pick an absolute favorite, swoon-worthy actor...who would it be?

Rara: Ahhhhh don't make me choose... It honestly tends to depend on the show I'm watching or just finished. Right now I currently have a super mega crush on Jo Jung Suk after seeing Oh My Ghostess. Also, Kim Woo Bin is always at the top of my list!

KD: I think for me it has to be either Kim Jae Wook or Cha Seung Won. No, Lee Min Ho. Wait, it definitely has to be Kim Woo Bin. Or maybe Kim Soo Hyun.... Ahhhhh. Definitely cannot decide!

Rara: So readers, now it’s your chance to tell us: Which hot Korean actor makes you swoon? Who are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

KD: We can't wait to hear from you! And who knows, we may feature your comment in the next segment of K-drama Confessional!

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