We’re attempting to make Honeydew Melon pops and in Korea this sweet, refreshing treat is known as “Melona.” I really like honeydew melon but to be honest I never considered it as a good flavor for an ice pop. But then again it’s not like I’m thinking of what would make a great flavor for an ice pop any way o_0. I wonder if this recipe would work well with cantaloupe as well. Possibly a sweeter taste like a creamsicle?  Well before we all go off and buy cantaloupe’s let’s give honeydew a try! Homemade ver 3 Melona   Ingredients and supplies you’ll need for this recipe: 1/2 of a honeydew melon, cream (not thick), honey, ice pop molds, sticks, a pot and a blender. Step One- In your pot, pour ¼ cup of cream and 1 tablespoon of honey. Let it boil and then stir it over low heat for 3 minutes. Make sure the honey dissolves and don’t burn the cream! Let cool for 5 minutes. Melting honey in cream for Melona bar

Step Two- Chop up your melon into chunks, toss it in a blender and puree it.

Blending Melon for Melona bar Step Three- Mix the puree into the pot with your cream and honey and then pour it evenly into your ice pop molds. You should have enough for 6 pops. Step Four- Freeze, snap a photo and enjoy! Melona Bar (Honeydew Ice Pops) 2 If you’re brave enough to attempt this recipe send me your photos and taste review to KJohnson@dramafever.com or tweet it to me @K_Kisses_KrisE I’ll include your photos and reviews in a follow up article! KrisE! (Recipe and photos via mykoreankitchen.com)