Oh, (sniff) I love and hate final episodes at the same time. I love them because (hopefully) they wrap everything up. But I hate them because they mean I won't be seeing these people I have grown to love (or hate) every week any longer. Well, grab a Kleenex because here is the final installment of Saeng Jwi, Kimchi Genius.

Watch Park Si Yeon navigate single motherhood and modern romance in Greatest Marriage

If you are late to the party and have not read Episodes One, Two, Three, FourFiveSix, or Seven, please click on the links to see them. (But if you've already read today's toon and nothing before . . . well, that's kind of like reading the last page of a mystery novel first, isn't it?)

Any comments or suggestions are welcome. And please, stay tooned for my next DramaFever exclusive parody. (It's going to be a Historical Drama this time. Drawing those men in hats is harder than I thought.)