Ki Hong Lee, a Korean-American actor, became extremely popular this year with the success of his movie The Maze Runner. With all of his recent popularity, he managed to secure a spot on People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive list of 2014! He also happens to be the only Korean (or even Asian) celebrity to be featured in the top 10. 

Ki Hong Lee came in at number 4 on the list, following only three other Hollywood hunks. Actors Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, and Jamie Dornan were the only three men ranked above him. With his cute dimples and adorable personality, it is no wonder Ki Hong Lee has stolen the hearts of the American people! 


 Ki Hong Lee with fellow The Maze Runner cast-mate Dylan O'Brien.

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"I'm the worst with compliments," the 28-year-old actor told People. "People will compliment me on my dimples...but medically, dimples are flawed muscles — they're not supposed to occur! People think it's beautiful, but it's nature's mistake." Even though the actor seems to think his dimples are a flaw, everyone else in the world seems to think the opposite! His dimples have almost even become his trademark!

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