Kim Jong Kook press conference in Singapore Kim Jong Kook of Running Man was charming and humorous at a press conference held in Singapore. Despite his ruthless reputation for being very competitive in the show (earning nicknames like SpartaKook or Commander), Kim Jong Kook was witty and funny. He even admitted that those nicknames put a lot of pressure on him to win every game. When asked about his favorite nickname, he went with "Kookie." He spoke in English for the most part, and talked about his close relationship with his castmates, how he maintains his super fit body, and about female guest stars. Castmate Lee Kwang Soo is a very familiar friend who he hangs out with regularly, working on set, working out and even going to meals together. "But we are not dating," he said, which made the floor erupt in laughter. IMG_6439rz.jpg When asked about how he keeps his fit and muscular frame, he had the following advice: 1. Keep track of your sodium intake; 2. Avoid indulging in overly-salty items; 3. Avoid eating before going to bed. He added, "It's all about control. I control what I eat by sheer willpower, and work out for two hours a day." kim_jong_kook-1 kimjongkook2 He even confessed that he's more than happy to have more female guest stars on the show, like actresses Moon Geun Young and Yoon Eun Hye. kimjkook-1 kimjongkook_1 Kim Jong Kook   Kim Jong Kook 2 His charm is infectious! How have you been enjoying him on Running Man? (Source: (Source: