Actor Shin Dong Wook, cousin of Kim Kibum, has been diagnosed with a very rare yet severe disease. The disease is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and little is known about it except that it is supposed to neurological. A fan brought attention to this news through a letter online. The fan revealed that the actor initially joined the military as an active soldier in 2010 but was given an early release after finding out that he had CRPS. Shing Dong Wook found himself repeatedly fainting and was diagnosed after undergoing multiple tests. Symptoms often include extreme pain, swelling and changes in the skin and gradually worsen over time. The slightest touch to a CRPS-afflicted individual brings excruciating pain. With treatment for the disease often proving unsatisfactory for CPRS patients, there are many cases of CPRS-afflicted individuals committing suicide, after being unable to bear the pain. Netizens have since been sending encouragement to the actor who has remained mum on his own condition other than a short, “I’m ok, thank you” on his fan café recently. We send our encouragement and best wishes his way too!