Lee Dong Gun and Jiyeon's two-year relationship is over. 

Rumors recently began swirling online that another beloved celebrity couple had called it quits. Unfortunately, the rumors were true. The Marry Him If You Dare actor confirmed through his agency, FNC Entertainment, that he and the T-ara beauty have decided to focus on their separate lives. "It's true that they've broken up. It happened recently. The two became busy, and naturally drifted apart. They've been focusing on their drama filming and such," a FNC representative explained to the media. 

In July of 2015, we were all impressed that the celebrity couple didn't let their 13-year age gap deter them from having a loving relationship. The pair claims life got in the way of their love, but it's still upsetting to see a career upstage happiness with their possible soulmate. After enduring the tragic loss of his younger brother and a public break-up with actress Han Ji Hye in the 2000s, Lee Dong Gun deserves some happiness! I know QUEENs are always rooting for their idol to find her happily ever after in real life too. 

Would you choose your career over love? Do you think these two will work it out and reconcile soon? 

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Source: Via/ Image Credit: Top Star News