Lee Hyori Artists such as Lee Hyori, Horan, and Soy have put a compilation album together for Korea's "comfort women" who suffered during the Japanese occupation. The album’s theme is the screams and whispers of such women, and is titled ‘Please Tell Us: The Second Story.’ ‘Please Tell Us: The Second Story’ will feature various well-known talented female artists and is dedicated to the Korean comfort women who continue to struggle to this day following the Japanese occupation. The album follows the first album that was released last August, ‘Please Tell Us,’ and aims to be even the smallest source of strength to women. ‘Second Story’ tells the story of the comfort women and its social implications and is an exploration of being a woman in today’s society. Contributors include mainstream artists such as Lee Hyori, who will soon be releasing a new album, as well as popular talented indie artists. Horan, singer-songwriter See, Big Baby Driver, Soy, Earip, Huckleberry Finn’s Lee So Young, Park Hye Ri, Songwriter Kim Yeon Soo’s Lotus Project, Rock band Juck Juck Grunzie, Lunae, Jung Nari and other artists are currently working on the album. Parties related to the album stated that “this album not only speaks for the Korean comfort women who suffered but also includes stories about living life as a woman,” and added that “'Please Tell Us: The Second Story'  is an attempt at providing warmth to not just the comfort women but also the women who are victims of abuse and violence.” The album is set to go on sale in May. [Source: Naver]