Samsonite Red announced late last year that it chose Lee Min Ho as its brand's new global model for 2015. Apparently the decision has worked out for Samsonite Red, but how well?

Samsonite Red's January sales went up by 43% as compared to previous year, and the Voy backpack, featured by Lee Min Ho's prominent ads, has sold out all 5,000 in the limited edition within a short time after its release. It's set a new sales record, thanks to Lee Min Ho.

The brand prides itself on combining new ideas, fashion style, and functionality for today's urban world. It's designed to appeal to Asians in their 20s, 30s and 40s, with a wide selection of products at lower prices than the regular Samsonite brand. According to Nikkei Asian Review, many popular Samsonite Red items sell for around US$128.

The decision to use Lee Min Ho as the new model has proven to be the right one, as seen in the record sales increase, and no doubt it was based on his appeal and ability to market to both men and women in the Asian region. Consumers are also likely to see more ads and commercials featuring Lee Min Ho. 

If you enjoy Lee Min Ho's work, you an see him in the romantic comedy Personal Taste:

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