The experiment to win Hye Rim’s heart takes a new turn as jealousy starts to rear its adorkable head. The Boys find new things to catch their attention and the results of an MRI leave them all surprised. Despite all his study of Love, Soo Hyun finds himself at the bottom of the pack and his ego just can’t take it. Join Cici, Marakeshsparrow and me, Wendilynn, as we discuss the rise of jealousy this week on Madame Antoine.

Cici: I was a little worried at Soo Hyun’s cold and detached behavior in the first two episodes, but it is really cute to watch him falling for Hye Rim despite his best efforts to remain purely objective. The tricks he is using to make her fall for him are clearly backfiring. Bwahahaha!

Wendilynn: I think I said it last week that he has no clue about women. I laughed so much when he ended up with only 6% approval but then tried to ‘raise his number” by buying expensive crap for her. I’m sorry, but a girl so easily bought that way isn’t worth much. ugh!

Marakshsparrow: I looooooved the scene where he took her shopping, and I love that Hye Rim is proving to be far more complicated and difficult to handle than our Doctor anticipated. The moment she told him she didn’t want any of that stuff after all--after he spent an ungodly amount trying to raise his percentage--was just too funny. Hye Rim made me want to stand up and clap; she is definitely not the type to be trifled with! I cannot wait to see Soo Hyun fall all over himself after falling for her! You know it’s going to happen. Haha

Cici: It looks like it’s beginning already. Yes, he feels naturally competitive when his younger brother gets an approval rating of 43%, but you can just see how her combination of vulnerability and strength is actually working on him. That moment when he offered his hand to her to help her up a darkened stairway was a calculated move on his part to initiate physical contact. Yet if you watch his expression, you can see him softening and becoming protective when she takes his hand. Yep, his wiley ways are backfiring!


Wendilynn: He expected her to be conniving and cold and what he’s found is a woman who is not shallow, she’s intelligent and her heart is a million miles wide. I was so proud of how she handled the issue with her daughter wanting to live with her dad. What a good mommy moment. Despite how she felt, she made the situation alright for her daughter. When she saw the woman in the airport, I admit it, I cried. Giving her instructions so she could take the best care of her daughter had me crying. There is no way our cold doctor could come out of that untouched. He would have known just from a psychological standpoint how amazing that whole scene was. Every time he turns around, she surprises him and THAT is what is doing him in.

MA e3  good mommy.jpg

Marakeshsparrow: That whole part slayed me! Right in the heart! I totally felt her pain, but she was definitely the bigger person. I don’t know if I could have handled that situation as gracefully. I thought it was funny (though still sad) how she just went from restaurant to restaurant, eating her feelings. I think Han Ye Seul played that whole situation really nicely and it definitely showed that strength and vulnerability that both make up a part of her. Back to Soo Hyun for just a moment--I love how he gets jealous without really grasping what he’s doing, discouraging certain behavior in the younger suitors that seems threatening. Like how Ji Ho asked if he should do something a bit more aggressive, pinning Hye Rim to a wall for example (like he’d seen in dramas). Soo Hyun was so quick to say ‘No!’ and then went and pulled that move himself! He may think this is all in the name of Science--as he had to repeat to himself this last episode--but we all know it’s really the beginnings of love.

Cici: It makes me wonder just what exactly happened to him that he is so fiercely anti-love. We’ve gotten hints that it involves his mother, and there’s something about his memory with that dripping ice cream cone, but we don’t actually know the full story. There is some really severe trauma in his background that has kept him from ever falling in love his entire life. It almost reminds me of Kill Me, Heal Me, without the multiple personalities, lol. I just love the fact that he has met his exact emotional opposite. Hye Rim is all about the importance of love. That’s why she is able to do the things she does, from sacrificing her personal happiness for the sake of her daughter, to helping Soo Hyun understand the root of the problems most of his patients are experiencing.

MA e 3  Mom.jpg

Wendilynn: Yeah, whatever the trauma is, its severe. I liked that we got a little bit more play with the boys though. Ji Hoo really shouldn’t be part of this study. He’s too innocent. He comes across as a little puppy. Of course, the puppy just about fell over when he saw her in her black slip. She stopped being noona at that point. But what is up with boys, crushes and being voyeurs? lol


Marakeshsparrow: Ji Ho is too cute! I’m loving his awkwardness. It really is unfair for the poor boy, because he’s hardly a contender. I don’t think there’s any way Hye Rim would ever see him as anything more than a little brother. He might have an actual chance with her younger sister, Yoo Rim, though. And I’m pretty sure she’s his noona too, so he can still fulfill his new found noona fantasies. (Ok, that sounds creepy, but speaking of, why is the boy buying a drone? His storyline may be going a little crazy here.) What are our feelings on Seung Chan? The very end of the episode she calls him to make peace and it made me wonder if she could actually see him as a man. And he was 43%...

MAe4 rooting for.jpg

Cici: Did anyone else catch the way she closed her eyes and thought about butterflies when Soo Hyun’s picture came up? She deliberately falsified the results of the test because she didn’t want him to know how much she liked him. I only mention that because I don’t think that she has anything but noona feelings for either Seung Chan or Ji Ho. She has already fallen for Soo Hyun. And the drone thing--Ji Ho wants a video of her changing. If he wasn’t so adorkable, it would be creepy, but somehow he just makes it come off as hilarious.

MAe4 hidden feelings.jpg

Wendilynn: I agree. Its creepy, but because he’s so innocent and straight laced it's more funny then perverted. Of course, that won’t stop us walloping him one when he gets caught. While I have a little crush on Seung Chan too, I agree that the only man she’s really interested in is Soo Hyun. That test was funny because they started it off with Benedict Cumberbatch of all people. I totally did not expect that at all. However, as much as she likes Soo Hyun, she also knows he’s up to something and while you want to be hopeful, it's too much to take at face value.

MAe4 when sexy men fight.jpg

Marakeshsparrow: Yes, we all know Soo Hyun’s definitely claimed her heart, but I appreciate that she is being very cautious and a little guarded. She’s been burned before and isn’t going to run headfirst into a relationship like she might of if she were younger. Someone we haven’t mentioned yet, is Soo Hyun’s professor, Bae Mi Ran. She’s working at the center, apparently has a thing for Seung Chan, and now (we’ve learned) is dying of cancer. I really thought it was cute how she would get shy and flustered around Seung Chan and then end up scolding him like a mom. But then, after seeing her bucket list and realizing she wants to experience all these little joys in life before her time is up, had me holding back tears. I really hope she does continue to get close to Seung Chan! Now that would be quite the noona romance!

MAe4 bucket list.jpg

Cici: I appreciate the talents of more experienced actors and actresses so much! That scene in the hospital where she goes to sit down and process the fact that she is dying choked me up, even though it was all conveyed just through her facial expressions. She started off in tears, and then when she saw the little girl laughing in the wheelchair, you could see her attitude switching from self pity to appreciation. That’s when she realized she had made the right decision to maintain quality of life rather than length of life.

Wendilynn: I also hope she gets to have a noona romance too, although, that’s one hell of an age gap. I think Seung Chan would be able to help her laugh in the face of death just a little though. She needs to laugh, too. This show, just in 4 episodes has been amazing. It looked so shallow in episode 1, but the story has amazing depth and heart to it. And while our OTP’s love story is going to follow a predictable pattern, they fall in love, she finds the study, feels betrayed, yada yada… I think I’m going to enjoy this ride anyway.

MAe4 sparks.jpg

Marakeshsparrow: I’m definitely on board and looking forward to what happens next! I’m also enjoying the “case of the week” type thing they’ve got going on. Speaking of which, this idol they’re treating right now is a reeeeeeaaaaal piece of work. I kept thinking how I would never want to run into someone like her. But I have to say, when I found out the truth behind her behavior, I was seriously moved. How sad that the man she loved, her own manager, died like that in front of her, an accident on the road. Add ‘Annie’s Song’ to it and yet again I’m getting weepy. I’ll be interested to see what other side stories they have and what new cases they get involved in.

Cici: I love how Hye Rim is able to delve beyond obvious causes and ferret out the real source of a person’s problems. Her warmth and intuition make an ideal complement to Soo Hyun’s cool analytical approach. Together they make quite the team!

Our arrogant doctor seems to be falling for his own tricks and that just amps up the anticipation.  Will all three boys get serious?   Tell us in the comments below which man do you want Hye Rim to pick? 

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