Is this a red carpet or a press conference? Park Shi Hoo, Girls' Generation's YuriLee Soo Hyuk, and more turned up in style for the Neighborhood Hero press conference today, and they all looked suave and sleek as they discussed the upcoming show. take a look at their press conference fashion!

Park Shi Hoo looked dapper in a cream pinstriped suit with some black accents. The actor is making his K-drama comeback after a three-year break, and he expressed his appreciation for the role at the press conference.

Yuri looked amazing in a little black dress, and can we all just pause and admire her heels for a second? During the press conference, she revealed how flustered she was when she showed up for the first day of filming, only to discover that her very first scene with Park Shi Hoo would be a kissing scene! I guess that resolves any doubts about whether there will be a loveline in the series....

All I can really say about Lee Soo Hyuk is that the man knows how to wear a suit very, very well. He's looking so sharp! This role will be a complete turnaround from his villainous vampire Gwi in Scholar Who Walks the Night. This time around, he'll be playing Park Shi Hoo's eager sidekick.

Like Yuri, second female lead Choi Yoon So also went for a black dress with cutouts. Apparently, she also filmed a kissing scene with Park Shi Hoo on the first day of filming. Love triangle, here we come!

Here we have the rest of the cast, including Jo Sung HaYoon Tae Young, and Jung Man Shik. I love how everyone in the cast coordinated colors and styles!

Neighborhood Hero tells the story of a former secret agent who runs a bar. With the help of his assistant, he decides to fight back against crime in their neighborhood. The series premieres next Monday, January 25, only on DramaFever! sign up for new episode alerts HERE, and check out the trailer below:

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