Well, definitely sign me up for one of these. A group of engineers in China are working on developing a new umbrella that keeps you dry by blasting out air around you. The product was designed by aerospace graduates and is cleverly called (you might have already guessed it) Air Umbrella. 

While the Air Umbrella is still in the prototype stages, the company already started a successful Kickstarter campaign by raising more than $26,000 past their $10,000 goal for the product. 

The high tech umbrella looks like a magic wand, and it actually kind of works like one. When you press the button on the Air Umbrella, horizontal winds blow in a diameter of about 3.3 feet, sealing you away from the rain. 

The Air Umbrella is powered by a lithium battery and can last from 15 to 60 minutes on one charge, depending on the size of the unit. The cost will range from $118 for the smallest umbrella to $138 for the largest version. 

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