A new K-pop girls group named High Teen has caught attention, because the members claims no one has received plastic surgery and never will. Take a look at the new group's introductory video.

It's no secret that South Korea is considered the global plastic surgery capital, with the highest number of operations per capita. Singers and actors are particular under pressure to change their looks when they enter the performing profession. 

A new K-pop group, High Teen, is getting media attention because of its "all natural" claim. 

High Teen's member Hye Joo, Hye Bin, Eun Ji, and Sae-A announced, "We are a natural girl group with no cosmetic surgery done at all. Not one person has gone under the knife, and we plan to keep it this way in the future as well." 

Take a look at their new video introducing the members:

And the teaser video:

A mini album is to be released soon.

According to the girls, the head of their agency put the group together because he liked their natural appearances. They said, "To be honest, there are places we think need touch ups, but we are not going to and we don't want to."

We wish them all the best.

What do you think? Will they start a new trend?

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