Foreign media continues to be astounded at the popularity of Korean dramas worldwide, and the stars of The Greatest MarriageNo Min Woo and Park Si Yeon, were the most recent Korean celebrities questioned about the phenomenon. 

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Korea invited the press corps from Hong Kong, Myanmar, Mexico, and India to visit the set of The Greatest Marriage. They toured the production and interviewed Park Si Yeon and No Min Woo about their experiences. Even though Park Si Yeon and No Min Woo were busy filming, they earnestly answered the media's questions. Reporters asked why Hallyu is a great hit all over the world and what the future of Korean dramas is, and they touched on the theme of single motherhood as portrayed in The Greatest Marriage

Park Si Yeon answered that the success of Korean dramas is due to the many talented actors in Korea, so the future remains bright. In addition, she told Indian reporters that she wants to act in Bollywood. 

No Min Woo prepared welcome messages in each language and stated that the strength of a Korean drama is the storyline. Because people all over the world can sympathize with the themes in K-dramas, they have become popular. Furthermore, drama crews are very competent and take great efforts to make dramas.

Do you agree that these are the reasons K-dramas are so popular? Comment below! 

The Greatest Marriage is a uniquely funny drama that is off to a great start. If you haven't started watching it yet, watch the first episode below! 

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