Hello fellow drama lovers! And welcome to the first Oh My Ghostess Drama Club! It looks like we’re already in for a fun ride with this one. Sexually frustrated virgin ghosts, quirky shamans, and passionate/sometimes ridiculous chefs abound--who knows what twists and turns this drama will lead us down, but I know we’re already hooked and ready to tag along for the ride! So join Taleena, Young Ajummah, and me, Marakeshsparrow as we discuss the first week of this fascinating new drama!

Taleena: Alright ladies, before we get into it I have a big ol’ question for you. Is Ghostie actually dead? Because I have to say, I am thinking she is in a coma. They really eluded directly saying she was dead.

Marakeshsparrow: That’s something I hadn’t actually thought of, but it wouldn’t be the first time that a drama pulled that kind of a twist (can we say Who Are You and Master’s Sun?) There is a good possibility that’s the case, especially since the other ghosts were talking about how she doesn’t have her own funeral food and that they’d never met a ghost who didn’t have memories of their life… Hmmm… Whatever the case is, she definitely doesn’t seem like your average Ghostie.

Taleena: Also, when the customer asked her Dad if she was away, he kind of twisted and writhed a bit. You’d think if she was actually dead he’d have come out and said it.

Ajummah: Right off the bat, I can tell I’m going to enjoy this show. I like when the lead female is crass and swears. It makes me giggle. And I don’t know how true this whole “virgin ghost” thing is but she is something else when she’s ogling all the men at the restaurant. I might have squealed a bit during that group shower scene.

Also can we say What’s Up reunion? I loved that drama! Did anyone else see it? Maybe we’ll get a scene where everyone starts singing and dancing.

Taleena: I was trying to remember where I had seen Chef Hotstuff before! The whole “virgin ghost” is a pretty classic Korean horror theme. It was amusing me greatly when she was blatantly checking the guys out and then essentially told Sous Chef Blowhard that no one cares about size. Ha ha.

Marakeshsparrow: Ha! Chef Blowhard! I like that nickname. Also--LMAO at the part where she told him size doesn’t matter. That was too funny. I love how she’s throwing them all for a loop, since Bong Sun was so soo painfully timid.

Taleena: It was also hilarious when the chefs were trying to figure out what was wrong with Bong Sun by Kdrama diagnostic and scaring themselves. When they run away because she is praising the chef knife, I about rolled off my couch with laughter.

Ajummah: I know there is a deeper meaning to all of this. We are just getting started! I had a tear (several) fall when she realized that the man picking up the drunk kid was her father. Story lines like that always get me. I wonder how she died. Also how did Chef’s sister lose her ability to walk? So many questions and it’s just episode 2!

Marakeshsparrow: I’m already thinking there’s some complex connections between these families. It was said that Chef’s sister lost her legs in an accident right? Was it a car accident? (Can’t remember the specifics now). Also, Officer Friendly is now married to the sister, but Ghostie recognizes him and even thought he might have been someone she’d tried to seduce before. Somehow these instances are connected, I can feel it my drama prediction bone! I think maybe Officer Friendly had been her boyfriend before she died/disappeared and fell into a coma. That would also explain his loyalty and connection to her father and his restaurant.

Taleena: Did someone say, Drama Prediction? I fancy I’m a little talented at this. Here’s my prediction: Ghostie knows Officer Friendly because he frequented the restaurant. In her memories it looks like it is filled with cops. Shaman Lady is Bong Sun’s granny that she talked to on the phone. There is a connection between Cougar Mom and the Rich Girl that Chef Hotstuff turned down. I don’t think that Ghostie tried to seduce Officer Friendly, he’s too...friendly for that. Classic non romantic Oppa guy.

Marakeshsparrow: Taleena, you really are the best at drama predictions! And I think you’re definitely on to something with this. I hadn’t thought about there being a connection between Cougar Mom and that Rich Girl, but it does make sense, because he suddenly backed down and didn’t want to take her job offer--even though she could have paid a large amount for the catering. I think Chef Hotstuff has got some serious baggage buried down deep. And I’m thinking an aggressive female ghost may be just the “person” to bring it out of him and help him chill out. Speaking of who I’m assuming are going to be our main couple, I think it’s interesting how they’ve already established that Chef Hotstuff and Bong Sun have quite a bit in common. I wouldn’t have guessed that he used to be a pushover too and dealt with some bullying, but that totally explained why he was so hard on Bong Sun for being so timid all the time. And I also loved the touch that he became a fan of her food blog without knowing who had written it. I’m wondering how they will be able to actually get to know each other since she’s currently possessed though… haha

Taleena: But..but that is where the romantic tension will come in! Will Hotstuff fall for Ghostie? What happens to Bong Sun if he does? He has something in common with Bong Sun, a lot actually, what happens to her when Ghostie leaves? Bong Sun has a Major Crush on Hotstuff if her diary is any indication. I also predict Cordon Bleu as our Second Romantic Lead, I’ve seen it in my scrying mirror.

Ajummah: LOL at scrying mirror. I like Cordon Bleu. And I like the Chef so I don’t know if I’m going to want Second Lead Syndrome. I know there is a whole lot of baggage. Even the mom has it. Since my mirror is broken I think I’m going to have to wait until next week to make my predictions.

Taleena: One more question: do you think that Ghostie and Bong Sun are aware of each other and will have to come to some accord? I wonder if they won’t both emerge at some point on that cooking show they will be doing. Sure Ghostie pulled out the Burnt Rice soup, but maybe next we’ll see her pull out the cabbage porridge?

Marakeshsparrow: That’s a really good question! And something that had crossed my mind as well. I mean, Ghostie may have primary occupancy of her body right now, but Bong Sun is in there somewhere too! And she’s a powerful shaman to boot! I’m thinking either she finds a way to kick Ghostie out (and then Ghostie has to find ways to get back in, because I’m assuming eventually she’s going to want to stay for romantic reasons) OR their personalities take turns emerging, the way you mentioned. That would definitely make for an interesting cooking competition!

Taleena: One thing we haven’t mentioned is that Ghostie is the perfect mouthpiece for all the lecherous drama fan girls out there. If feel like so many memes could be birthed from her comments alone…

Marakeshsparrow: OMG YES. Ghostie is like the fangirl mascot. She was cracking me up with all her bicep grabbing, ogling, and peeping. I guess it could be seen as creepy in a way, but she’s so funny that it was totally entertaining. Maybe I’m going easy on her because I might relate to her...just...a...little...bit… //hangs head//

Taleena: The writer have your number Marakeshsparrow. So many shower scenes to make up for guys in chef jackets the rest of the episode. Ha ha ha.

Ajummah: I almost forgot with all the chocolate abs everywhere, but what about the shaman? I thought for a second she was Bong’s halmoni but surely she must have some type of back story? I think maybe she knows about what happened to the Virgin Ghost and is trying to get her to get her memory back, so she can move on. 

Ajummah: Granted, she didn’t say any of that during the episodes, but since when does that stop the kdrama gods from doing what want? Also if she wards Chef and the restaurant against ghosts, will that mean Bong/Ghost Lady won’t be able to get into work? I’m sure that will make things weird. More questions!

Marakeshsparrow: So many questions! So few answers! I like that even though this is just the beginning of this drama, they’re already sucking us in with mystery and interesting back stories. I guess I’ll just have to wait until next week to see where they’re going with this. (Though knowing the way drama’s work, I’m sure there will just be more questions next week as well!)

Well that does it for this week's episodes. Are you all just as eager as us to learn the truth behind these developing mysteries? Is Ghostie (Soon Ae) really dead, and if so how exactly did she die and why can’t she remember her life? Will Bong Sun be able to win the heart of Chef Hotstuff (Sung Woo) or will he fall for Ghostie instead? And what about all these hints at complicated family ties? Phew! My head is spinning from all the possibilities! Next week definitely can’t come fast enough, but until then, share your thoughts on how this drama is playing out so far and where you think it’s going next!

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