Dramaland is on hold due to Rio 2016.

Doctor Crush was only able to air one episode this week which might change the series finale schedule for next week. The popular medical series was scheduled to bid farewell to viewers next Tuesday to make room for the Scarlet Heart: Ryeo premiere the following week. Due to the 2016 Olympics broadcast, SBS is unable to confirm the schedule for the next two weeks.

“Today’s episode of ‘Doctors’ will not air due to the broadcast of the Rio Olympics. We cannot know yet," a source from SBS said in a statement. "During the Olympics, broadcasts are fluid and changed day by day. The first broadcast date for Scarlet Heart: Ryeo cannot be confirmed for August 29.”

There is good news and bad news here. The good news is that our beloved Doctor Crush will be with us a little longer, but the bad news is that the eternal wait for the flower boys on Scarlet Heart: Ryeo continues. 

Will absence of your K-drama favorites make your heart grow fonder for them? Which series is the closest to your heart?

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