Arpakasso are these extremely cute stuffed Alpaca plushies that are super popular in Asia, especially in Japan. These plushies are absolutely the cutest things ever on the entire planet! They have little smiling faces with big eyes and come in a wide range of colors and styles. There are pink ones, blue ones, yellow ones, multi-colored ones, even ones that light up!

They come large or small, in families or singles, and even with accessories like scarves and hats! There are special edition ones, key chain versions, and you know it’s popular when you can even buy knock off versions! I want like 500 of them so bad and you will too after you’ve scrolled through the photos of some of these cute monsters below!

If I had a pie I'd share it with all the Arpakasso in the world!

Look! The Arpakasso is even cuter than the extremely cute little boy holding it! #MindBlown

They just come in so many sizes. The smaller ones can go on shelves or night-stands. The larger ones can go on top of the bed. There are just so many possibilities! But they look like a family in this picture!! #GimmeAllOfThem

Jealous of her for 4 reasons: Her Arpakasso collection, the view she has from her window, her fierce leggings, and finally the fact she's pretty much the size of a large Arpakasso.

Arpakasso Heaven. I want the blue one. He looks elegant.

Arpakasso and macaroons. Who knew that was a perfect combination?

Not only are they cute, colorful, and cuddly but they glow!



His face is perfectly shaped for that hat. It looks good!

To have your very own Arpakasso you'll have to do a little web research. I found a few here but who knows if some of them are knock offs or not. Let us know if you have one and where you got it!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE