by MommieLynn It's hard to try to pick my favorite Kdrama for 2011, because choosing says a lot about my personality and what excites me.  Personally, I like romance with a hint of action, but sometimes I prefer romance with a hint of comedy.  To some this may sound weird, but again, it's all about my personality. To know me you have to understand what drew me to fall in love with Kdramas in the first place. I thought that I was the only one until I joined a Kdrama group and found that others like me fell in love via the drama, "Full House" starring none other that Jung Ji-hoon Rain.  When I say I am an addict, I really mean I cannot go a day without watching a drama or two or three.  It all depends on if it is currently airing or if I patiently wait until its completion before spending the next two or three days straight with minimal sleep watching.  My family laughs at me, but taking in consideration my circumstances (health issues) and knowing my personality, they abide by it. I decided to choose three to write about after narrowing down my to my top 10 out of 30 favorites of 2011.  Some of you may agree with me and some may not.  Again, this goes with my personality and what I prefer at the time.  I have never been a period drama type of person, although I do watch them quite often.  Some made it to my list, but just not in my top ten. Okay here we go starting with my top 3 choice: SIGN: Starring Park Shin Yang, Kim Ah Joong, and Uhm Ji Won If you like "CSI" type story lines, then I recommend Sign.  I loved how the writer mixed mystery, suspense and also romance all in this 20 episode drama. It grasps you from episode one to the unexpected ending of episode 20.  Not all dramas can do this.  Some make you want to just quit after the first episode because of slow plots or goofball characters. Next, #2

GREATEST LOVE: Starring Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin Can you say "RECHARGE!" Love it, love it! Cha Seung Won can "recharge" me any day. LOL : ) He is hilarious in his role as a celebrity idol who definitely loves numero uno himself.  Gong Hyo Jin always wins you over with her baby face and cutesy charm, but as a former kpop idol turned has-been, she really made me feel for her.  This is a definite must-see for all Cha Seung Won fans especially after he won me over with his dramas City Hall and ATHENA: Goddess of War. I've liked Gong Hyo Jin since I saw her in her role with none other than Jung Ji-hoon Rain in "Sang Doo, Let's Go To School (2003). Finally, #1 SECRET GARDEN: Starring Hyun Bin, Ha Ji Won, and Yoon Sang Hyun OMG!!! HYUN BINah! I miss those dimples. When I need a smile, I go to and watch this drama for the 100th time.  How can you not get enough of Hyun Bin. Sorry if I'm saying that too much, but he is up there with my Jung Ji-hoonie. I am so looking forward to 2013 when we can get those two back on the screen.  Okay, now back to Secret Garden.  This drama is none other that magical.  It's that "Freaky Friday" meets "Cinderella" for me.  It comes with the potions that makes one switch bodies and even the evil witch that comes in the form of Hyun Bin's mother.  You cannot feel sorry too long for Ha Ji Won's character because she shows just how hard work can pay off in the end.  A must see and add to your collection. All in all, I hope this helps with some good picks, but remember, this is just my opinion.  ENJOY!!! Signing off until next year, This is MommieLynn