It's been the burning question on the minds of Korean and international media this month — will Rain renew his exclusive 2-year Cube Entertainment contract in September or change his status to free agent? The answer came three days ago on September 6, when the entertainer took to his Instagram to post his decision to move on and not re-sign.

Rain kept his fans in the loop and revealed the amicable parting between himself and long-time mentor Chairman Hong Seung Sung with his post.

"Hello, this is Jung Ji Hoon. Fans, how's everybody doing? Please be careful not to catch cold because of the change of season. After a long discussion with Chairman Hong Seung Sung, who has been like a father figure to me, we have come to the conclusion that we will have a good parting. Thank you again to the chairman who has always looked after me and encouraged me like a father. I will update you soon on my future plans. Thank you."

As a former president of JYP Entertainment, Cube Entertainment co-founder Hong was watching over Rain's career as far back as the entertainer's early trainee days. After 13+ years, this friendly parting of ways won't leave so much as a dent in their relationship, I'm betting.

Of course, the next burning question is this: Where will the Rain fall next?

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