Revolutionary Love is promising to be one of the best comedies of the fall season!

TvN recently released some hilarious stills from an upcoming episode of Revolutionary Love featuring stars Choi Si Won and Gong Myung. The series seems to be hinting at slapstick comedy in the new photos with Choi making hilarious facial expressions and Gong Myung finding him tied up. Nonetheless, it appears he is in danger and Gong Myung reluctantly shows up to save him. 

What does the production company have to say about this pair's on-screen chemistry? 

TvN believes the actors fit their roles perfectly! “The chemistry between Choi Si Won, who has already perfectly assimilated Byun Hyuk’s personality, and Gong Myung, who will show off a new side of himself through his changed acting, is explosive. They will show off a bromance that goes past close friendship.”

Revolutionary Love, which premieres on October 14, is quickly putting these guys in the roles of rogue and hero. Kang So Ra's character is going to have a more intense case of second lead syndrome than the rest of us if Gong Myung turns out to be the perfect, conscientious guy. Right now, we know that the undercover rich guy (Choi) and the educated poor girl's (Kang) paths are destined to cross, but we are anxious to see how the ambitious guy (Gong Myung) will complicate their lives. Besides this being Choi's comeback series, it's also the first time these actors have worked together on a project. I think all of them are superior actors, and they will no doubt make this upcoming rom-com a fun one.

What do you think Revolutionary Love has in store for us? 

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