After announcing his secret wedding with Lee Eun Sung, Seo Taiji also hinted about possibly recording a 9th studio album.

The singer wrote on his website,

“’I said I would return soon but my break this time has gotten longer so I feel sorry to all of you who are waiting for my new album,” and “After a long while… You know right? I will return will a great 9th album so if everyone does well in the meantime, I’ll come back soon in good shape like before."

"I want to meet everyone soon. The weather is really humid and hot so please take care of your health and stay well. I’ll return with good news again. And I hope that the new dotcom homepage will be filled with even more happier stories.”

A representative from Seo Taiji’s agency confirmed, “Though the 9th album is currently in progress, we’re not sure when the album will be released. We are expecting next year, however this also has not been confirmed.”

Since releasing his 8th album in 2008, this is the first bit of news regarding a new album in five years.

Netizens who heard about Seo Taiji’s possible comeback reacted, “Seo Taiji and Lee Eun Sung’s secret wedding, looking forward to the 9th album gift,” “Please release the 9th album,” “Congratulations on your wedding.”