Sulli is the latest victim of a personal cyber attack. The former f(x) member has been slowly easing into her post-idol life as an actress and model. While things have been going well in her career and personal life, the 21-year-old star couldn't stop an invasion of privacy on her Instagram account. Today, the To The Beautiful You actress shared this message about her hacking: "I've been hacked! Posts I did not delete have been deleted... Things like this happen I guess. Everyone, be careful of your precious personal information!"

The kind Sulli didn't let the upsetting event steal her joy. She seemed to turn the negative event into a positive by uploading a funny image of herself looking at her phone. 

Last year, Sulli portrayed the lead role of Kwak Eun Jin in the coming-of-age high school movie Fashion King. She parted ways with her girl group f(x) in August 2015. It's a shame that she was targeted online, but I'm glad Sulli is taking it all in stride and not letting it get her down. 

How would you react if someone hacked your social media accounts? 

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