The always-intriguing topic of celebrity dating came up on this week's episode of Roommate, and while Lee Guk Joo claimed she has never dated a fellow celebrity, Girls' Generation's Sunny was not ashamed to admit that she has. Here's what Sunny had to say about her past relationship.

After Lee Guk Joo stated, “I have not dated a celebrity before. I want to be in a relationship with a celebrity,” she asked the other women if they ever have been. Sunny replied, “I did date a celebrity. I thought it would be easy since we were both artists, but it was not. It’s just different depending on each person. Due to busy schedules, we could only have messaging dates. It was difficult to develop it into a serious love relationship, so I have never maintained a relationship more than a year.” 

Sounds like it would be really hard to date as a celebrity, even if it's with another celebrity! I feel bad that they miss out on this part of their lives while they are young, but I know they also like to focus on their careers. I hope they each find true love in their own time.

This begs the question, who do you think Sunny's secret celebrity messaging partner was? 

Watch Sunny, Guk Joo, and the others on the most recent episode of Roommate: