Miss A's standout dancer Min almost gave up her opportunity to be in the spotlight, but tough love pushed her to give it her all.

On the April 7 episode of the TV program 4 Things ShowSuzy's fellow group member explained the discouragement she felt before she debuted in K-pop.

"I had a hard time during my trainee days. After seeing people debut in Korea, I was in a slump. I told J.Y. Park that I couldn't do it anymore," she explained. 

"He told me to come find him if I change my mind. I returned to Korea, and my dad and grandma were so disappointed in me that they kicked me out of the house. That's why I left, and I took dance courses every day to audition here and there. It was too much for me. I realized that I should be thankful for the time I spent in the dorms in America. That's why I went to see J.Y. Park again."

Miss A debuted in 2010 with their sexy single "Bad Girl Good Girl." They quickly became one of K-pop's most popular girl groups by ranking number one on several music charts in less than a month. The girls released their new chart-topping album Colors on March 30.

Over the years, Min has received many compliments about her beauty from male celebrities and fans, aka Say A. She gave an impressive performance as a mean girl named Jenny who develops a crush on guardian Jackson in Dream Knight. She would have missed out on an incredible career if she had given up so soon. Min's story definitely encourages others to keep pursing their dreams no matter what.

Are you encouraged to keep following your dreams after reading about Min's pre-debut days? You can see her role in Dream Knight below:

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