Lee Min Ho visited Taipei, Taiwan for the grand opening of the new Ferrero Rocher fleet store on December 15. For the special event, a drawing was held to select 3 lucky fans using receipts from chocolate purchases. One fan decided to boost her chance by spending NT$110,000 to get 3,300 receipts. Did she meet the handsome Heirs star? Check out the exciting highlights from Lee Min Ho's whirlwind visit.

The handsome Hallyu star arrived at the posh Ferrero Rocher fleet store in Taipei on December 15. He was dressed in a sleek black suit, with a golden handkerchief peeking from his coat pocket. He was looking every bit the handsome gentleman with perfect manners as he warmly greeted the 700 fans who had waited patiently for him. The event was also staffed with 100 workers and 80 security guards, all for the one man that was the main focus of the event.

The delightful MC had already created an excited atmosphere by asking fans to practice their screams when Lee Min Ho arrived. The event's MC and the models were all dressed in gold, in sync with the Chinese brand name for Ferroro Rocher, Jin Sha, where Jin means "gold." Two Italian chefs also demonstrated how to make the famous Ferrero chocolates.

After Lee Min Ho cut the ribbon along with representatives from Ferrero Rocher, he was asked a barrage of questions ranging from the weather to his favorite chocolates. He said he likes the original flavor the most and enjoyed visiting Rome to make his commercials. The MC reminded him that he had visited Taiwan on December 15 exactly six years ago. She asked if he could make an appointment to always visit Taiwan on the same date every year. He laughed out loud with his trademark music-like laughter, said it would depend on his agent and schedule, but basically seemed agreeable to the suggestion.

He was also asked about how he was going to spend his Christmas holidays. He answered, but the MC asked the same question again. Apparently the interpreter didn't translate everything he said the first time. Finally, it was understood that he didn't know his plans yet because of possible scheduling conflicts. He was also asked about what Christmas presents he liked. (I think the MC was really trying to find out whether he was spending the holidays with Suzy, his girlfriend.) He said he enjoyed getting toys from his parents when he was young. Now he would give Ferrero Rocher chocolates as gifts (of course!). At the end, he got a huge scream again when he said in Chinese to his adoring fans, "Thank you. See you again. I love you all."

Before the event concluded, he took photos with the 3 very lucky fans:

What happened to the fan who tried to get her photo op with Lee Min Ho? 

She didn't win despite her extravagant investment, which was over 3,300 in US dollars. Her 3,300 receipts were about one third of all the receipts in the drawing. One final winner was reported to have only spent NT$35, or about 1 US dollar, on her purchase. According to the latest report, the fan who missed out requested to view the video of the drawing but was declined. While she considers her next step, she has announced that she will donate all the chocolates she bought.

All in all, Lee Min Ho is a perfect spokesperson for the Ferrero Rocher chocolates. You can see from the way he carefully opened the chocolates box containing an assortment of 5 chocolates and gingerly held it with his hands for the best camera shots.

The following is a video of the event. Unfortunately it isn't subbed and has some commercials, but you'll get to see and hear the handsome star close up without having to buy anything:

Note: I actually watched the event on a live stream. It so happened that I was watching the new Oh My Venus episode, which I reluctantly paused in order to watch the Lee Min Ho event. I don't regret staying up so late, because there is definitely an elevated air of excitement when you feel that you're right there at the event.

Watch So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah heal their health and hearts together in Oh My Venus:

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