Hello Chingus, it’s time for another wacky KDrama time travel adventure as we follow a 90s KPop idol who has sled his way from 1993 to present day 2017. This fish out of fresh water will marvel at of how far technology has advanced from payphones and beepers to the handy dandy cellphone. Meanwhile, our present day cast is dealing with their everyday issues from rent, cheating boyfriends, practicing, study, and dreaming. Come join in on the wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff with June, Logan, and myself, Tiara as we try to figure out what the heck is going on.

Tiara: I’ll be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’m pleasantly surprised how much I enjoy the drama. I was stunned how little of Yoon Si Yoon’s character Yoo Hyun Jae. It’s not often the male lead doesn’t show up until the second episode.

Logan: I have to admit I was getting really anxious for Yoon Si Yoon to appear - I just adore him, but it was important to get the backstory of everyone else first otherwise we might not have cared about them the way we should of when he finally did appear. Thanks to those first couple of episodes, I was already fully an advocate for both Ji Hoon and Woo Seung when Hyung Jae came into the picture.

June: I honestly went into this drama not really knowing what to expect and it’s always interesting seeing where dramas go. I agree with both of you all! I knew Yoon Si Yoon was one of the main leads, so I was impatiently waiting for him to show up! I was like, where oh where are you!! Haha! But back stories are always a good thing and it's even better when we get them this early on.

Tiara: Talk about an awkward love triangle. Obviously, the drama is setting up father and son to have the same romantic interest. Nope, not weird at all, but to be fair they are both around the same age. I can’t wait for those shenanigans to begin, but I guess we should talk about the current ones. I agree the friendship between Ji Hoon and Woo Seung is lovely like all second male lead and a female lead relationships are. Ji Hoon has a crush, but Woo Seung doesn’t seem him as a man.

Logan: I can already tell this drama is going to be one where a lot of people are going to have clashing ships. So Kdrama family, let’s agree in advance to keep it civil, okay? Lol. It’s hard for me, because I feel the immediate chemistry between both Woo Seung and Ji Hoon but then Woo Seung and Hyun Jae as well. We know things are going to get messy and no one might end up together in the end. With the fact that Ji Hoon is Hyun Jae’s son, means Bo Hee is his ex-lover. I doubt the feelings have disappeared and that’s going to make things difficult, because she’s now old enough to be his mom.

June: Talk about a crazy and messy romantic lines it's going to be! Between, the whole time traveling aspect and age issues, it's about to get real crazy up in this drama! Also the weird, awkward love triangle thing is bound not to end well. Lol

Tiara: Time travel makes everything problematical. I think you’re being nice Logan by calling what will happen messy. I see tears and heartache in our future. The last drama we did that had time travel didn’t end with rainbows and sunshine. I don’t want Scarlet Heart. See it’s now used as an explanation of my feelings. It’s been months since the end of SHR, but darn it still hurts. I’m afraid of getting on a ship despite the drama giving us three kisses. The dramas version of “hint hint, nudge nudge” that Hyun Jae and Woo Seung are our OTP.

Logan: Oh, why did you have to bring up Scarlet Heart, Tiara, now my heart hurts. Haha. But yeah, let’s just be real and say this drama is likely going to hurt. I’m actually going to start a tear counter at the number of times this drama brings me to tears just out of curiosity. But I’m not so sure about Hyun Jae and Woo Seung being our OTP - I think the drama is just throwing in the kisses to make things messy right off the bat. For those who don’t know, The Best Hit is produced by the same people that made Producer in 2015, which is actually the first drama Tiara and I did a drama club together on- yay! But anyway, that drama was famous for leaving everyone completely confused as to who the real leading couple was. I think we’re seeing that again.

June: Woooooooow, let's not talk about Scarlet Heart!! It still breaks my heart just thinking about it! :((((( I already automatically know that anything that deals with time traveling is going to be sad, heartbreaking and of course messy. lol The time travel trope is always tricky and I really hope this drama pulls it off well!

Tiara: Has it really been that long we’ve been chingus. Time sure does fly by … but you’re right about the misleading in Producer. It maybe produced by the team behind Producer but the writing is from the guy who wrote the High Kick series. I’m not too worried the drama will keep us from knowing the OTP so much. But knowing who is behind the story, I’m looking forward to more of the family dynamics. I love the wacky family who aren’t connected by blood. They are a woot and I can’t wait to understand more about how they are connected to form this interesting family.

Logan: The family has me so intrigued. Right off the bat, it’s clear that Kwang Jae is a stand-up guy, filling in as a father figure to Ji Hoon after Hyun Jae disappeared. And still being good to Bo Hee even though she’s obviously a has-been. He seems to always get walked over, though. Hopefully things turn around for him. Another person who is always getting the raw end of the deal is Woo Seung. My tear counter actually started at 1 thanks to the scene where she gets betrayed by her boyfriend (awesome cameo by Kwang Soo btw). I was so frustrated and humiliated for her, I couldn’t help it. I swear my counter is going to be in the triple digits when we’re done.

June: Girl, I was right there with you! I was like how dare he betray her!!!! I do always love when Kwang Soo pops up in these dramas though! Betrayal will most definitely pop up in this drama some more time though. I can already sense it!

Tiara: Don’t forget Kwang Jae is still trying to keep the company going too. I understand his feelings of betrayal from Hyun Jae on one hand, but on the other hand Hyun Jae is considered dead. Maybe it has to do with the money Hyun Jae took. Haha, Kwang Soo’s as Woo Seung’s boyfriend was just another great cameo out of many. I cheered when Ji Hoon gave him a black eye while showing his dance moves to the officer. Ha! Speaking of which, Ji Hoon being an idol trainee is only a matter of time before his secret will blow up in his face. More when Kwang Jae finds out he is a trainee under Young Jae’s company, the other member of J2. I get the feeling Hyun Jae isn’t the only one to betray Kwang Jae.

Logan: Ji Hoon giving Woo Seung’s boyfriend a black eye, made me love him. It was pretty funny how they both ended up in jail for such embarrassing things, but even still he couldn’t help himself but stick up for his friend. It could end up being a very bad thing for him that he’s a trainee at the company his dad’s ex-member founded. Something tells me Young Jae is shady shady shady. But talent obviously courses through Ji Hoon’s blood and I foresee a future for Ji Hoon and Hyung Jae where they are training and learning together to become idols (again in Hyun Jae’s case). I think they both have a lot to teach the other and I’m hoping they become close.

June: I want this idol friendship to happen!! We all know I love a good friendship in K-Dramas, so I better get just that! Ji Hoon obviously has the skills and I can't wait to see more of it, but at what expense! Because I agree, this Young Jae seems like trouble.

Tiara: I see Young Jae more as a comical villain. It’s the chair gag that makes me see him as a less than an incredible villain. I too am looking forward towards Ji Hoon and Hyun Jae blossoming relationship over music. I do love a good bromance evening through this would be more like a father/son-mance. I do have some questions. What’s the reason do you think fate pulled Hyun Jae out of 1993 and transport him to 2017?

Logan: I wish I knew! When Jang Hyuk made his cameo, they made it seem like he was going to be a guide for Hyun Jae with comments about the future being different and having to do certain things to go back to his time, but they were just trolling us - pro level. I always feel more relieved when there is some sort of a guide, because then there are rules and you know what to expect. With no rules, he could disappear at any moment or never go back for that matter. But that aside, maybe Ji Hoon needs him. Granted, Ji Hoon was obviously very loved by his makeshift family, but since his dream is to be an idol maybe fate needs to show Hyun Jae that he needs to be the one to help his son achieve his dreams. But who knows, this drama could could in any of 700 different directions at this point.

June: This is very true! We can never really know where a K-Drama is headed. It's up to the K-Drama gods!

Tiara: OMG, I totally believed the scene with Jang Hyuk. Darn you drama for trolling us. It’s a shame he doesn’t have a guide to throw him a bone. I do love the fish out of water scenes with Hyun Jae. The world has changed a lot from 93 to present day 2017. Payphones are a thing of the past considering we have cellphones. Hyun Jae trying to call his friends was priceless and I died laughing when he talk to the cellphone as if it was an AI. I remember those days of remember phone numbers. Nowadays, I can barely remember my own number.

Logan: I sense cell phone struggles being a recurring theme for Hyun Jae. I was dying during the Defconn cameo where he tried to pull an inspector gadget and use Defconn’s hand as the phone. But it totally makes sense because that was his only frame of reference. Okay we’ve mentioned several cameos so far but I’ve been dying to talk about this one - Kim Sook. Now the three of have talked in the past about how we’ve been watching Unnie’s Slam Dunk - Season 2 where Kim Sook is one of the members. And in their music video, “Right?”, she is wearing a school uniform and is beating someone up so I know I got a kick out of seeing her in uniform again and bullying Ji Hoon. It was almost as if she was the same character.

June: Oh my gosh, her cameo was so great! I loved when she showed up because it reminded me of Unnies Slam Dunk! I miss that show already! :(

Tiara: Kim Sook as a high school fangirl was my favorite. I loved this current season of Unnie’s Slam Dunk and I adorable she’s in a school girl uniform like their MV. Can we get a third season of Unnie’s please? Overall, this is a great opening episodes and I’m eager to find out what is going to happen with our group of kids. It’s a lot of setting up and getting to know everyone, but I’m ready to get to the meat of things. On a sidenote, I also love that the drama used Music Bank for J2. What a creative way to get footage for J2, but darn it hilarious. It also gives me a lot of Answer Me 1997 feelings too.

Logan: Yes, everyone, if you’ve been watching this drama and haven’t seen Yoon Si Yoon’s performance as J2 on Music Bank, go watch it! Haha - it’s fun because it makes the drama kind of 4-dimensional. I hope this is a recurring theme we get to see. But yeah, the young kids Hyun Jae, Woo Seung, and even Drill - all have soft spots in my heart already. Drill is actually kind of hilarious. He’s seems to have a hard time being serious, but the last scene where he’s in the elevator with Hyun Jae and he takes his shirt off to show off his muscles and then all the other idols show up. Man, television does not get much better than that. Haha.

Tiara: Those are some true words my chingu. Until next time, watch more dramas.

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