Hello and welcome back to The Entertainer Drama Club. This weeks episodes were full of excitement and emotion as we learn more about the backstory of our characters, a new band member joins Ddanddara with an addition, we discover more information about Ji Young and Ha Neul's incident and much more. Join Logan, Katie, and I as we discuss the exciting episodes of The Entertainer. 

DeShonda: Well ladies these episodes once again had me on an emotional rollercoaster. So much happened this week! First, I am very pleased that we found out some of the backstory regarding Ha Neul and Ji Young. I had a feeling that Ha Neul was being framed. He did not seem like the type of person who would harm anyone in my opinion. I was even more happy when Shin Suk Ho went to confront Ji Young and Kim Joo Han about the incident. I’m glad Shin Suk Ho was standing up for Ha Neul and trying to find out the real truth about what happened. What do you ladies think about this so far?

Kate: We got several answers to our questions from last week in this episode. I was interested to see Geu Rin was Ha Neul’s adopted sister, and that Suk Ho remembered playing music with Ha Neul’s older brother. I’m glad they didn’t let that simmer too long. Wasn’t it so adorable to see Suk Ho sign a “record contract” with little Ha Neul? And now Suk Ho can follow through and help him to become a singer. All they need is to clear his name, and find a drummer.

Logan: It was clear that Sung Hyun, Ha Neul’s older brother, meant a lot to Suk Ho and it seems to me that he feels guilty about something in regards to him. I’m anxious to find out what it was because I feel like it’s regarding Sung Hyun’s death. It’s interesting that Ha Neul’s parents took in Geu Rin after their other son died but explains why she’s so loyal to that family. I love the sibling relationship between them, but honestly I’m getting a little nervous. I’m starting to get the feeling that Ha Neul has feelings for Geu Rin. And I’m really hoping that’s not true for so many reasons. I’d hate for them to lose that sibling relationship. And I’d hate for Ha Neul to become the second male lead because I just love him too much.

DeShonda: I was wondering how the relationship between Geu Rin and Ha Neul would play out. I really enjoy watching how close these two are with each other. I was also hoping that Geu Rin would become Ha Neul’s manager. That makes sense to me because she knows him the best and she wants to protect her brother. Like you Logan, I am getting the feeling that these two might be catching feelings for eachother. So things might be a bit complicated. I think Shin Suk Ho likes her as well though. And not to mention our new band mate Yeon Soo might like our Geu Rin as well. I am just in love with Yeon Soo, his bright smile, and his son.

Kate: I don’t have much to work with at this point, but I am totally shipping Geu Rin and Yeon Soo. They’re age appropriate, both seem sweet and adorable, and she seemed so pleased when she found them painting pretty designs over the graffitied wall. Geu Rin also has been mothering Ha Neul for long enough to have some semi-parenting experience. And so far Yeon Soo just seems to be so agreeable and optimistic. Let Suk Ho finally realize Min Joo has a thing for him. Ha Neul has time to find love. Geu Rin and Yeon Soo forever!

Logan: I’m going to be the third to jump on the Yeon Soo bandwagon. Kate, you’re absolutely right about not having much to work with. We really haven’t seen much of Geu Rin’s personality at all and I have felt zero chemistry so far between her and Suk Ho. Yeon Soo is adorable, obviously, and he is really a great father to his son. I mean the way he lead by example in covering up the graffiti. He and Geu Rin both have had to go through a lot at a young age and they just seem really compatible. Not to mention they’d be the most adorable couple ever. Honestly, this is one drama where I’m hoping the romance is downplayed, because there’s some potential for some major heartbreak. The drama is just ripe for it.

DeShonda: The graffiti scene was one of my favorites. That was really sweet of Yeon Soo and his son to cover up all of those awful things about our Ha Neul. I was hoping that Shin Suk Ho would give him a chance to be in the band instead of ostracizing him because be is a single father. So far all of these characters have been through so much in their lives. It’s clear that none of them are perfect and they all are getting a second chance to turn things around.

Kate: As we discovered Yeon Soo’s son, and of course we already knew about Suk Ho’s drunk driving incident and Ha Neul’s criminal record, I was beginning to think they’ve assembled a real band of misfit toys. Makes me wonder why Kyle dropped out of Juilliard, and what kind of challenges the drummer will be facing. Grandpa drummer, perhaps? Agoraphobic performer with severe stage fright? A young woman who wants to make it in a real band?

Logan: I’m loving the theme of the band and I really think they should market it, rather than shy away from it. They’re all getting second chances and that’s so beautiful really. I’m excited for the drummer to show up. I would love a grandpa drummer! Haha. Or maybe little Chan Hee, Yeon Soo’s son. It seems like he’s just as much a part of the band as anyone else. And I’ve got to say I’m proud of Kyle. He was being kind of stubborn at first, but he took the time to look at everyone’s past in a mature way and even though he didn’t like the fact that Yeon Soo’s a dad or that Ha Neul has a criminal past, he’s accepted it and them.

DeShonda: Oh the drummer! I wonder who it will be? My prediction is Jin Woo as the drummer, but I could be wrong. I am also proud of Kyle as well. He seems stubborn like you mentioned Logan, maybe a bit arrogant but he did come around and talk Ha Neul into coming back into the band.

Kate: I wonder how they will develop Ji Young, too. Did she lie about Ha Neul because she felt she had to, or more because she wanted to blackmail herself into a career in music? Is she going to be more of a villain or a damsel? How much more to that story is there? Obviously we know more than last week and the cover up looks super sketchy, but Ji Young’s character and her situation could develop in a number of ways, and so far her storyline is key to a number of plots in the show.

Logan: The revelation that Jin Woo might be Ji Young’s real assaulter totally shocked me. I’ve been thinking about who could have done it from the beginning, but I never suspected him. After the revelation I wondered if it was meant to set up Ha Neul all along and Ji Young was in on it, but I really don’t think that’s the case. The reason being that Joo Han originally intended to leave the company with Suk Ho but it seems he was part of covering up the crime. What reason would he have to set up Ha Neul unless it was to protect Ji Woo? I think Ji Woo made a mistake and did assault Ji Young and to keep her quiet, she was offered a trainee position in exchange for betraying her friend.

DeShonda: I agree with both of you. Ji Young and this entire assault case is very shady. And there are so many questions that have not yet been answered as of yet. I was thinking that Ha Neul was set up so she could advance further in her music career. That was the obvious reason in my opinion. But then we found out that Ji Woo had assaulted Ha Neul I was shocked. I must admit, this entire situation is completely messed up but I know we will find out more details in future episodes that will clear up our questions.

Kate: I’ll give you my guess before I stop harping on this storyline, but I might need to add a chart to explain it because of all the twists and turns. I think someone at KTOP set Jin Woo up with Ji Young and they were ready to start some kind of scandal around Jin Woo unless he promised to stay with the company and not go with Suk Ho. Instead, Ha Neul stumbled into the whole business. My guess is that there was someone there to photograph the event, and he’s the one that hit Ha Neul before they had to switch plans because the police were on the way. Phew! Now I have to take a breath, but I think I’ve covered all the angles.

Logan: You’ve really put a lot of thought into this. Lol. But I think that’s a completely feasible story, likely even. Poor Ha Neul ended up in a dark situation that no innocent high school student should have to be involved in. I’m excited for their band to take off, because I know they’re going to take off and show Ji Young who she was messing with. I love the parallel between the fact that Ha Neul never lost his desire to start a band after Suk Ho introduced him to Nirvana and now Suk Ho helped him start a band.

DeShonda: Wow! I think that your predictions could have some truth behind it Kate. I was thinking that our Ha Neul was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I really hate that he ended up tangled in this mess. Logan I am also excited for the band to succeed as well. I am looking forward to watching Ji Young squirm as Ha Neul’s band becomes successful. I was so touched to see the story of how Shin Suk Ho wanted to help Ha Neul’s brother start a band. I thought the contract that Ha Neul signed for Shin Suk Ho was cute too.

Kate: It really has come full circle for Suk Ho and Ha Neul. Both with their meeting ten years before and their re-meeting on that roof. Now they both just have to dig deep to make sure they don’t let each other or the rest of the band down. I think they have it in them, as long as Suk Ho forces himself to be more honest with himself, and Ha Neul stops embracing that instinct to martyr himself and sacrifice his happiness every time something goes wrong.

Logan: Honestly, this could end up being my favorite band ever! Speaking of my favorite things, I so loved seeing Park Shin Hye’s on camera. That’s three dramas now that she and Kang Min Hyuk have been in together. It lets me imagine that they’re the best of friends in real life. I would love to see a drama where they are the leads. Can someone make that happen for me, please?

DeShonda: Logan, you and I are think alike my friend! I would really want to see Kang Min Hyuk and Park Shin Hye as leads in a drama! Lets hope the K-Drama Gods makes this happen for us. Both of them are great on screen together.

Kate: They’ve done some neat cameo casting with this show so far. I appreciated Min Do Hee’s quick appearance as Luna. I’ve really loved her performances in Answer Me 1994 and Boarding House No. 24. I’m looking forward to seeing who else might appear.

Join us next week here at the Drama Club for more exciting episodes. What do you think of The Entertainer so far? What do you think Ji Woo's involvement is with the framing of Ha Neul? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think. Until next week!


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